Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Entry Style

My Sis knows she can always count on me to help her out with some party style.  There are so many elements that go into making a great party, but it’s easier to have someone like me take care of the table top and style issues. Yes, I gave some input on the food; will tell you more about that this week….I was not into doing the food for 150 ppl….but I did do some styling.  Here are a few pics.  The entry, before:


The entry is a great place to start to style a party.  It sets the tone and if it is done well, guests know they are in for a treat.  Ideally, the entry gets the guests excited….something special…a hint of what is to come…..Sis and I had discusses a fall motif for the party; today I lashed dried corn stalks to her gate to make a mock arch.  If the stalks were green I could bend them (next year I will just ask Kevin!); but these were bought from Rogers Gardens dried; even the LA Flower mart did not have them.  You can not see the pots of mums at the base of each side in this pic, but Sis loved it~


At the front door a dozen steps further, I put a trio of interesting pumpkins on the left; I want it to look like fall but not Halloween, and a $13 potted yellow Mum from Costco on the right.  Perks it up a bit. 


I had another pair of these Mums at the base of the corn stalks but unfortunately pas de photo; trust me, these are a GREAT deal from Costco….my Dad was the one to discover these first, and each year I buy them~


The flowers around the house were simple and neutral green and white (Casablanca white lillies, white hydrangeas and Queen Anne’s Lace; $45 cost for three large vases full) from the LA Flower Mart, and then today I added in the pretty sunflowers with green centers from Hector at the CdM market~


Our Happy Hosts with Lola Dog~


The tables were all great; when in doubt, use lots of votives and candles and it’s a party~


Forgot to mention I put a string of white-strand mini lights in the corn stalk entry.  I wound the lights around the stalks so you see them coming and going.  In the early evening, it was very pretty and not contrived.  The lights cost me $6 and gave the dried stalks a little fantasy.  Success, to me!  I will refine this look.  What Sis does not know is that tomorrow after the market I am coming to take all this back to Laguna~


It was 90 degrees at the party, so hardly fall weather.  Never mind, tomorrow I will install fall décor in Laguna, with these props as a start.  I have a few other additions to make it fun that I will show you.


  1. I am so surprised at how subtle and pretty the lights in the cornstalks are! They just glow; you don't get the 'wrapped around cords' feel at all. The flowers are beautiful--it all is. Now to see the food pictures...

  2. Fabulous job!!! can't wait to see what you do in Laguna... Happy autumn, C. (HHL)

  3. What great style ideas, especially the white, green and sunflower table arrangement. Loved it all!

  4. The entry looks fantastic! The lights make it very festive! I will have to check out Costco for mums...that yellow one is perfection!


  5. Thanks for the great ideas! Just started our home autumn transition with a 'floral' arangement of cut branches from our pear tree - complete with little pears(!) Also some clippings from a grape vine the birds were kind enough to plant :)

  6. Those mums make me wish I had a Costco membership! :)

    The entryway is stunning.

  7. Gorgeous Andrea. Your sister's home is beautiful and you made it so special for the party! I love your creativity! I like autumn decor to look natural as well and not like Halloween

    Lets talk soon! I was in the hospital from that Wednesday you called until late Saturday!I am blogging again and have a new post up.

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