Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Party Flowers

Saturday is yet another party, though I am not hosting this one, I’m styling the tabletops and then a little more.  The event is a corporate thank you, for 150 guests.  A lot of the budget is going into the catering, so for the tabletop I wanted minimal expense but still a little something that would pop.  I started with a dozen 4” galvanized pails, so cute in this little size~


I searched around for a good supplier for galvanized products made in the USA.  I wonder if anyone has a good one already…these are all from Taiwan and (gulp) China, running between $1 (small pails) and $4 (French flower buckets) each.  There were pails sold alongside these that were tin; remember Galvanized has zinc added so will not rust; I’m going to see how these hold up and have made a note to track down a good US supplier.  These will do the job for this weekend~


I went to my favorite Green Thumb Nursery today and got two flats of 4” flowers to use on the tables.  I will go off point for a minute to say that my Mom called me 41 times last Sunday while I was at the RSF market for several hours.  If the dogs could figure out how to use the phone they would probably call me too; they are always at my feet and waiting by the door when I get home.  I’m working through some of these issues with Mom, and Biscuit is happy just to hang out and see what’s going on~


I put one $1.19 flower in each galvanized pail; I didn’t need to add any other potting soil to the little pails.  Considering I will reuse the pails, $1.19 for a little spot of color on each of the 15 tables is not bad…..


Tomorrow I will drop these off for the party and also source some ribbon to go on them for a more finished look.  Hmmm…thinking….


I put Iceland poppies in each of the tall French flower buckets; these will be nice as they add some height and grace; also $1.19~


While the hostess is already way over budget on the event, today she decided against her original choice of inexpensive farmers market flowers for the house, so instead tomorrow in the wee hours I am off to the LA Mart to find something nice…and big…and showy.  Bucket of Roses for $20?  Probably?  Lillies, green and white, some fragrance.  I spied another floral item today too that is a great average-down item that I tipped the hostess to buy, that I will show you soon.

Lots more on this event as well as some musings on parties, entertaining, and décor to come in several posts soon~


  1. Enjoy your shopping trip to the flower mart...can I go sometime? Love those darling buckets.

  2. Back in Virginia...will send maps if you send your address to my email address.
    Sent my Confiture pan via French Post Office 50E... Do you know a better way.
    a bientot, Patty

  3. Terrific idea's. Gosh! wish you could help me with an engagement party.
    I may do what you did. Watched "Create" program on TV and I saw a wonderful farmers mkt. You have such nice produce there. Getting ready for Fall in the yard. I am going at a snails pace. Still having problem with balance.


  4. you are always busy creating magic- such fun! Colette x

  5. These are really lovely Andrea! With some special ribbon they are certainly perfect!! I love the galvanized buckets! I will call soon!

    Art by Karena

  6. Fantastic ideas, the flowers are brilliant and the pails add country charm! :)