Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Comme Un Dimanche

My Sundays in California follow a regular pattern.  Early in the morning I drop off flowers to a friend, stop by Chino Farm on my way down the hill, then spend the rest of the day styling food, visiting with my favorite farmers & shoppers and discovering the new foods at the Rancho Santa Fe farmers market.  Arriving home around 4pm, my parents are often at the window and the dogs are always sitting on the kitchen steps, watching and waiting for my arrival….and as I unload my trio of baskets full of greens, citrus and other goodies, we begin to debrief on the day. You’d think I had been gone all week, but I love coming home to hear my parents ask how my day was and to hear them say “We missed you so much!”  We have a good four hours to arrange the coming week’s worth of food, cook our usual roast chicken and prepare a salad of Chino greens.  No one rushes through the meal, which always finishes with a special slice of cake from the market or a little dessert I’ve made or bought.

Capturing the essence of a French Sunday is the subject of my latest feature in Romantic Homes Magazine, in the April 2013 issue, which is annually known as the “French Issue.”   I chose the title Comme un Dimanche because it’s a phrase that pops up in French from time to time, perhaps with a description of a recipe or a meal for example….the implication is that this is something special, not something for everyday.  A shopper at the market recently told me that the ritual of the Sunday meal is “almost a religious experience” for the French.  Interesting comment, and yes, I think that’s true. 

You will find this issue on news stands nationwide in the coming weeks~


The Editor had a fun time selecting the photos….I knew she would love my lady in Beaune with her bike~


There are lots of pretty photos of my silver and the strutting rooster at the Parc in Beaune, not to mention my very favorite Saint Honore cakes~


I also included a section on how to prepare a French cheese plate.  Hopefully you will find some interesting tips here~


There are also some tips for hosting your own French-style dinner, and I included a little photo of my big copper daubiere from Guy; this photo was from December’s holiday shoot, and with the big silver ladle is to visually say “the dinner is served.” I will tell you more about this piece of vintage copper later this week.  At the moment, I think it’s the biggest and best piece that I own.


This issue has some beautiful interiors in it, and in the Site Seeing feature you will find two well known bloggers, Vicki Archer of aka French Essence, and Trish from Trouvais, two beautiful sites to visit.

I hope it will inspire Romantic Homes readers (and you!) to enjoy a leisurely Sunday meal with family or friends this spring or summer…slow down, enjoy your meal, go for a stroll, and of course, try to work in a little antique shopping along the way….


  1. Hello Andrea,
    These photos look beautiful... and I love your title...
    There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday lunch... my favourite... xv

  2. Oh good you got your hands on a copy. I will treasure mine. Our Reve readers will be so lucky to get this and MORE.

    I'm wondering if this Sunday your parents would allow you to instead stop by La Jolla and join the Gunn family for dinner?

  3. Looks like a wonderful issue on all things french and I shall hunt one down Andrea. I passed along your email to Vicki, how lovely to see all my favorite ladies mentioned in one issue. xx

  4. Beautiful Andrea, I cannot wait to read this issue and your article.

    I was just today talking with my nurse about my dream trip to France and the leisurely dinners the French Families enjoy.
    Laura now has me thinking of all of the wonderful times spent in La Jolla.

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  5. Lovely! I need to find a copy to enjoy with a hot cup of tea!


  6. How gorgeous......anything French ALWAYS gets (and holds) my attention!

  7. Je ne sais pas si parmi les jeunes gens d'aujourd'hui c'est aussi fort que lorsque j'étais enfant... effectivement le rituel du dimanche était bien présent.
    La robe du dimanche, le repas amélioré, l'achat des choux à la crème à la pâtisserie... la messe pour beaucoup. Au retour, repas en famille ou entre amis avec le café qui s'éternisait tard dans l'après-midi...
    De très heureux souvenirs en ce qui me concerne.
    Gros bisous à vous et mes félicitations pour la publication d cette merveilleuse revue.

  8. I need that mag!!!
    Seeing your photos again brought back good memories:)

  9. Dear Andrea,
    I just love Vickie Archer, never disappointed with her posts.
    My Mother was French, so Sunday Dinner was elegante and we had
    to dress for it, with washed hands and comb that hair.
    Napkin in lap and wait for Mother to sit down. I miss
    her and have beautiful memories. After being in France, I
    wondered what makes the French so elegante.
    The shope windows were gorgeous, even the fruit and
    veggies were displayed so beautiful. The food, the clothes
    heck, in must be in the blood.
    Happy Sunday yvonne

  10. I've never purchased that magazine but will be now just to see and read more from you. I'm so enjoying your blog and photos. Each one is a treat and I find inspiration. Happy day, msk

  11. Congratulations on your article. Unfortunately I can't buy the magazine here. We still have the ritual Sunday dinner and a St Honore cake was the standard birthday cake the mother made for us when we were children....the delights of childhood. Bisous