Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Market Goodies

Just last week I was talking about celery root and other wintry vegetables, and suddenly the calendar has rolled to March, and Easter & Paris are a few short weeks away.  Time to start thinking of Spring!  So today at the market I brought out the French egg basket I found at Jean-Luc’s at year end.  It only holds one egg, but that’s the beauty of it.  I’ll be styling this little-bitty basket each week, but today I went for a simple bed of freshly cut grass and a brown egg~


We have a few new vendors at the Rancho Santa Fe market, and one of my favorites is Jonas Honey from Murrieta.  I use their Wildflower Honey in my batches of granola, and today I bought a new offering of Orange Blossom.  Honey makes a great gift, and I love the pretty Jonas labels~


And speaking of orange, each week I come home with a large basket full of citrus for my Dad….who is currently in love with the seasonal tangerines.  I’ve been sewing a new liner into a bread basket for a friend, and while it’s not finished, it made a great display for today’s purchases~


My favorite find at the market today was a pair of bottles of organic blue agave nectar, which I will use to top off Mom’s daily dose of fromage blanc.   Akram used some Saint Germain bottles, which are super cool and a little over 12” tall….


I’ve asked him for a few of the Saint Germain bottles full of extra virgin olive oil, but today I bought one of those extra virgin cold pressed olive oil bottles, also perfectly packaged~


In a minute Akram was there with a small jar of olives; I think I’ll do some photos for him soon, he is in Mother’s Markets and other great retailers with his Thyme of Essence line~


More spring goodness soon! Email me please if you are interested in buying any of these products as neither supplier sells online. Have a wonderful week~


  1. My envy of California continues! The farmers market goodies are just beautiful and I'm sure taste even better. Your sweet egg basket is adorable.

    Have a great week~

  2. The tiny basket is soooo precious!
    The orange blossom looks amazing!
    We used to visit my great Uncle and Aunt Rizzuti in Fresno when I was a little girl. They grew oranges and lemons. There is nothing like the growers of Central and Southern Cali! Such a melting pot of agricultural heaven!

    I am pretty exited about your trip to Paris and Beaune as well, since I get to go by way of Reve!

  3. What a lovely market, the items look so similar to the markets & labelling in France. I'm so looking forward to spring & visiting the different markets. I have a few egg baskets, which during my time here in France I've picked up here & there. During the winter months I fill them with pine cones and when the Primulars are in flower in Spring I put a little pot in them, but I've never seen a basket for one egg. This is something for you to treasure.

  4. This was a wonderful feast for my eyes-your photography is delectable. Thanks much for sharing, inspiring and adding delight to my day. Best wishes.

  5. Dear Andrea, I know you must be so excited to return to France!

    I am eating a lot of citrus for the vitamin C. I would love to order the Jonas Wildflower Honey and the very special Olive Oil! Thank you and let me know what the cost is.....healing products!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

    1. I'll get you some pretty bottles this weekend; yes, healing!

  6. I love everything you showcase!
    The agave bottles are amazing!
    Can't wait or your trip, so excited!!!

  7. Wonderful photos. We are all longing for spring here in Iowa right now.

    That little egg basket is precious, and you styled it perfectly!