Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Favorite Remnants of the Past

Saturday was the first day of the June Remnants of the Past show, and there were so many wonderful displays and so many wonderful vendors.  I had to restrain myself from shopping too much. Every booth was well done, and there was lots to see and much I wanted to buy.

remnants 1 june 2013 076

There are booths inside and outside.  The white and blue-grey and Frenchy style garden look is going strong at this show.  I always love the look of Atelier de Campagne. This base look is classic, you can’t go wrong, though you can accessorize differently around what they show.

remnants 1 june 2013 049

I saw these doors and realized I should paint mine a blue grey instead of white.  My panel of doors did not sell yet, and I am debating marking them down to move or hauling them home.  Two people will be mad at me if I bring them home, but I’m still on the fence about them.  White as they are they match our house in Laguna very well.  Blue grey they are also very attractive. I wanted to buy the smallest confit pot here for Laura, but it was $125 and the guys did not offer any vendor discount.  I will find one in Paris or elsewhere in France for a better price.  Still, the look of these guys is great and they are at the major markets like Rose Bowl and Alameda.

remnants 1 june 2013 050

The inside booths were more compact and allowed vendors to create some lovely vignettes; these chandeliers in a corner were really beautiful as a pair, in the corner~

remnants 1 june 2013 051

Of all the booths, my favorite was George Garma Antiques and Design {}.  I am ready to move right into this space, and at least take a few cues from his design.  Citrus, rustic baskets, shades of green and a kilim-covered ottoman, accepted by peonies… I love it~

remnants 1 june 2013 060

In a corner, an interesting chandelier and a French chaise.  The chair I can find in France, the lighting, I loved~

remnants 1 june 2013 062

A pair of chairs in a corner, great side chairs.

remnants 1 june 2013 063

And throughout the booth, pops of orange, one of my favorite colors and used very well in George’s booth.  I have so much black lacquerware like this, and a stack of NIII trays like underneath the books, I think I might have to add more orange in Beaune.

remnants 1 june 2013 078

Interesting paintings, a lot of nude portraits and eclectic art and objects….

remnants 1 june 2013 064

The peonies were so great in this urn vase I am going to get some at Trader Joe’s when I get home.

remnants 1 june 2013 066

Books, art, layers.  This reminds me of a New York City apartment, with touches of Paris.  Many elements that I have already.

remnants 1 june 2013 067

Love the statues and the candlesticks, and more pops of orange to wake up the space.

remnants 1 june 2013 069

And then there was this booth, I absolutely loved it!

remnants 1 june 2013 084

Oh wait, It’s our own booth.  I’ll show you more pics tomorrow.  It evolved during the day as sales were made.  We are having a great time at this show!!  Sunday afternoon we head home.  I have lots of other vendor information to share with you, and tomorrow I need to get better contact info for George.  He’s in SoCal but I think he just does some shows and design, e.g. no storefront.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend~


  1. Oh goodness...that show could be dangerous to the purse!

  2. Andrea I am so enchanted by all of these wonderful finds, I agree about the orange and how it brightens things up so much. I may go to Trader Joes and see what flowers they have ...there are bunches for 3.99! The black laquerware is beautiful and so are the basket wrapped jars!

    Art by Karena

  3. A very nice tour of these treasures! Thanks for sharing...


  4. I need to find a panel door up here in Washington!
    I love George's booth too!
    Keep sharing!

  5. Gorgeous finds here and I love those doors! The flowers are always such a nice touch and the peonies are beautiful.


  6. Leave tomorrow...Hope to see you in Beaune this summer! Or will we forever be

  7. Leave tomorrow...Will we see you in Beaune this summer or will be forever be...

  8. Patty! Email me andrea at I do not have your email address!

  9. Thanks for the tour!! So sad that we didn't make this show. Next time. Can't wait for more pics.

  10. Loved seeing these pics - the pop of orange tulips, and the lights glowing in your booth - I loved it all!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic photos of your booth! I think you have the most wonderful treasures! Hope you share more!


  12. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic photos of your booth! I think you have the most wonderful treasures! Hope you share more!