Friday, June 24, 2011

Antiquing in Brittany

The history of Brittany is rich, long, and I would say…rather complicated.  It is a fascinating story of Vikings, Celts, Romans,“English,” marriages, alliances and battles, all set on the verdant Amorican peninsula.  In 1532 there was a “treaty of union” between the Duchy of Brittany and the famous Francois Ier, which established a relationship with France.  After the French Revolution the Duchy was no longer recognized.  It’s easy to think of all of France as “French,” but in Brittany as in Burgundy there is a wonderful  and deep regional association. More on that later. Meanwhile, I am already planning my next visit to Brittany!  

My next visit will certainly include some serious antique shopping.  I want to show you a few of the items that caught my eye and which are calling me to return…The sign looks rather unassuming….a charming take on the nautical connection of the region~


On entering the store, I dare say this was a very upscale brocante; the quality was high; I wanted these, 850 euro the pair~


and I love the display of this, and the shot I took of mirror on mirror~


tell me you don’t love this chandelier, what we would call a lustre in France~


I have decided I want a lustre in the kitchen in Beaune.  I suppose I need to clear that with R first, but I found many many pretty ones in this shop in Brittany that I would love……


Not to mention the sconces; this pair caught my eye with their slightly smoky pedants and floral motif; the walls are covered in a rich caramel burlap; I can’t tell you how this sets off the wood and crystal and gold tones; the French are masters of display…..


The details on the mirror….so pretty~

IMG_5898There are many things I love about this pic~ IMG_5900

But mostly the clock or pendule; I have wanted one for sooo long, a good one, a real one.  I keep looking at them…..


Also on my list, a beautiful barometre; guess I had better keep selling baskets, a lot of baskets; I love this classic ribbon model~


but set my heart on this one; it would be perfect outside the kitchen in Beaune….sigh….


I have sooo many other pics to show but will finish with this; a maquette of a roof; a series of them recently show in Veranda Magazine. 


I will be shopping here soon!


  1. Wow! Exquisite - the exterior sign is definitely deceptive - just beautiful!

  2. WOW! It's all just so lovely. I have a friend (a fellow Army wife at our post) who is from Brittany. I drool over her blog posts when they go visit family. I'm crazy jealous. When we go visit family, I have to go to Alabama. She gets to go to Brittany. How is that fair?

  3. Looks like my kind of shop Andrea! The lustre would be brilliant in your kitchen.
    Good weekend,

  4. Oh all I can add as well is WOW WOW!! I can see the calling here, and please go back as soon as never forget the ones that got away.sounds so material but if you can, why not? xo Col

  5. Thanks for taking us shopping with you!

  6. You can tell I've gone deep into the posts. I am curious to know what Brocante means. Also in your fourth of July post, I wondered if the Orange Inn is still on that stretch of PCH between Laguna and Corona del Mar. What a life divided between California and France!! I want to go with you one time, pretty please. Will you e-mail the link to me about staying in the convents?? I need to bookmark it.