Monday, July 4, 2011

Scenes of the Fourth

It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and it seems everyone is in the spirit~


I love to see how my neighbors decorate their homes~


Simple, yet each one cuter than the last~


The town is crawling, here around 7pm on the 4th, Main Beach Laguna Beach~


I know, not good to shoot & drive, but look at the beach at El Morro, now the Moro Campground, a State Park; how nice would it be to camp here and be on this beach?  You will see the Emerald Bay fireworks over Abalone Point from here~


A quarter mile away is the newly opened Crystal Cove Date Shack; I love their décor for the holiday~


New flag, proudly flying~


But we stuck close to home, lots of painting and lots of planting was done~


I cooled the work crew of nieces & nephews off with some lemon sorbet Italian style~


In the morning, organic blueberry pancakes with homemade boysenberry syrup~


In the afternoon, biscuits and lavender-honey ice cream, with strawberry sauce & whipped cream~


In between painting and cleaning, I finished the 18ft tablecloth for Dad’s birthday in two weeks, and did a lot of prep work for a magazine shoot that is coming up.  This week I will start a series on infusions & sauces from summer herbs, berries & florals.  Lots of good information and French recipes….but until the fireworks start in a few hours, my sweet little Honey Dog says, relax & enjoy the last of the weekend~



  1. Oh please do Andrea, after seeing these beautiful images, and knowing all of the work that you of all friends deserve to relax!

    Art by Karena

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  2. PS That is the cutest pic of you special little Honey Dog!

    Art by Karena

  3. Honey Dog is the perfect patriotic photograph!
    Hope you both had a wonderful day.

  4. Such Great images Andrea! Just like being Home! *wink*wink* Wasn't it beautiful yesterday? It felt no nostalgic. You are so sweet to your Dad. As soon as I saw your blueberry pancakes, I thought of your Dad, I remembered him and you asking him last year what he wanted for his birthday...then I read on and see his birthday is in 2 weeks and you are making a special tablecloth. You are a treasure and I know you treasure him. I miss my Dad so much. Have a good week my friend!

  5. We were in Coronado yesterday and I have never seen such a display of red, white and blue. It was amazing and inspiring. Sadly we had to drive back here to the blazing hot desert but in my mind I'm still wandering on the beach watching dolphins and feeling a chill in the air :)

    I've been to that Shake Shack!

    Jeanette from Everton Terrace

  6. Hope you were able to enjoy some down time during the holiday. Love the photo Honey dog dressed up in his red,white and blue.

  7. I really like first photograph of teady beer. It is really wonderful and the style of standing with flag is awesome, so fun.