Monday, August 22, 2011

Becoming Jennifer’s Favorite?

I mentioned I sympathize with Jennifer Garner. How would you like to have paparazzi follow you everywhere? OK, it sort of goes with celebrity, but the poor girl gets no rest. Here she is again in a tabloid pool photo from last weekend, with her French Basketeer Bandol basket at my former haunt the Pacific Palisades market~

Jennifer at pali mkt

Most women in the U.S. want a basket with long handles that goes over the shoulder. Jennifer carries her long-handled basket European-style, in hand. If you use a basket for shopping, when it gets a little bit full you won’t want to carry it on your shoulder, but the long handles will let you get more in the basket without squishing the contents. Jennifer carries this style perfectly.

The photo is meant to show a baby bump, fueling pregnancy rumors. Congratulations if she is~!

Update: Yes, she is! And she is also the lead story in (see the link HERE with more pics) so I will pick up the next issue and see if my basket is in it~

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  1. Andrea they are just the most darling family. She always looks great, A great basket for the new Trader Joes in my neighborhood!


    Art by Karena

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I'm writing to tell you that I just love the basket and hat I won from Karena's giveaway from The French Basketeer. They are both gorgeous and I'm thrilled to be their new owner!!!
    Thanks again for the beautiful items.
    I will blog about them this week!

  3. How sad they can't just do their shopping. Obviously those photos are from the same day as they are all wearing the exact same clothes, which means that photographer just followed them around. Really, something should be done. On a lighter note...your basket does look great. Where does one buy one if not in CA at the markets?