Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plein été

Oh yes, summer is in full swing.  I envy my friends Patty & Jock who are now in Beaune; they try to make me feel better by saying it has been raining there for three weeks; not good for the grape harvest; but still, I wish I were there….  Here in California, one look at these raspberries from Sunday’s market will confirm, it is Summer~


Submerged in boiling water, then buried in ice, the berries made the most amazing raspberry-mint water Sunday~


From Kevin at Kawano Farm we had the tiniest of baby corn; I shared 10 of these (raw) with friends at the market and took the rest home; this is rare to find at our markets, it was very tender and delish and went into our dinner salad~


Summer Luxury; the silk was so fresh, the corn so tender~


We roasted a Da-Le chicken for Sunday dinner, trussed up with garlic from Sage, lemons from our trees and with the finest carrots from Valdivia Farms, and I brought yellow wax beans to my Mom, her favorite~


And at every meal this week including breakfast we have tomatoes; odd shapes but colorful and oh so good~


Raquel took her first ever week off and so I was the market manager Sunday with Kerry’s assistance…I think we should do a basket each week at the manager’s booth and call it “don’t miss”…or….”best of”…..my smallest vintage French basket was full of not to miss produce this week.….and it had many admirers~


And our sample food…chevre and fresh herbs~


This was the third piece of chevre rolled in Akram’s sesame-mint Jourdani mix and drizzled with local avocado oil~


Hope you are enjoying your summer and the wonderful summer foods!


  1. Yum! you will surely fill several French Baskets with all this gorgeous bounty!

    Have a glorious week my friend!



  2. It all looks so fresh and amazing~ I also wanted to tell how much I have loved using my basket!! xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Oh everything looks wonderful. Real food not food "product" as my husband calls so many things in the grocery store. We are big tomato lovers as well and I love them with breakfast :)

  4. The Goat cheese looks awesome, I'd buy the yellow tomatoes, herbs and baby corn for sure.
    Thanks for comment, glad to hear I am not alone with UFO's.
    Did you watch NBC last night about Cyber war
    and how it could attack US? What next.


  5. Your bounty of fresh veggies looks so delicious Andrea. I love that you are offering such treats to your customers, very smart!!


    Art by Karena

  6. PS Is Jennifer's Bag in stock yet!! I may treat myself for my birthday coming up!


    Art by Karena

  7. This is some of the best produce I have see all summer. Such beautiful raspberries and corn!

  8. The photos are gorgeous! I can feel the raspberries breathing!

  9. Andrea, your photos are always so beautiful and these are awesome! I love raspberries and now when I saw your photo it made me want some!!