Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Staying Cool, European Style

All this hot weather around the country got me thinking….what if we were in Italy, or France….what would we do?

For starters, we would get around in some cool and green mode of transport; maybe this?~


Second, we would hit Berthillon or our favorite gelateria for a cool cone.  And when I say cones, I mean cones.  Try to find anything like this in the States….well at least in SoCal I can’t find anything remotely similar, but in this heat, any cone will do, thank you~


The towers of cones call you from the street, no matter what the temperature, don’t they?


What will you have…..lemon sorbet, or cocoa nib~




Or something more fun~?


Window shopping while strolling with our gelato in the evening is a fine idea….  I love this white handbag in woven lambskin, satin ribbons and silk~


But the champagne version might be even better….this will surely take our minds off the heat~


A cool little embellished t will be perfect in the heat with this little trench-style topper~


Especially if we go out to dinner….the big difference between Europe in the heat and America in the heat is that people go home in the afternoons; I mean like most of the afternoon.  They go out again around 8 or 9pm when it starts to cool down.  I remember driving into Nice last year at 11pm to find absolute masses of people out strolling every street near the Promenade.  Yes, that’s it, stay in during the hottest time of the day.  The next evening, I was up past 1am at the little Moroccan-style bar in seaside Villefranche sur Mer next to Nice.  It was probably 85 degrees and I had rosé wine and water and the place was hopping and the fans blowing and we were all chatting up a storm. It was probably the coolest time of the 24 hour day. 

In Florence, one of my favorite spots is the Wild White Boar or Cinghiale Bianco, here my niece Erin and her friend Paige~


Oh I forget the name of the maitre’d but he will welcome you heartily with a glass…I imagine now if it is hot in Florence the place will be packed and open late; I wish I could be there; I can’t recommend this place enough~


I am toujours nostalgique for Europe….but even if we are here and even if it is hot, we can pretend….and we can deal with the heat as best we can, non?



  1. Love this post...gorgeous woven bags!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Beautiful! If you were in France or Germany right now you'd be wearing a light jacket because it's been chilly! In August. Our lows have been in the 50's and highs in the low to mid 60's. Craziness.

  3. Oh see! I must go back. We didn't make it to Berthillon. :)

    Still love that handbag.

  4. Those handbags are gorgeous! Yes, it is common for the Latin countries (France and Italy)to do a siesta in the afternoons. Resting and eating well are part of taking care of oneself and living a civilised life.

  5. Gelato and I well acquainted, much too well I'm afraid. Lately it's been chocolate hazelnut...

  6. That bike is so adorable!
    And the ice cream is mouthwatering :D

  7. Gelato, a fun night spot, and that bag, with a friend like you Andrea, what could be better!

    So good talking with you today!!


    Art by Karena

  8. I am swooning over your bags, absolutely beautiful, and everything in this post looks delightful ~ especially the gelato!
    I wish everyone in the U.S. (or at least in my neighborhood) would come back out in the evening.
    Fortunately, the heat wave has given us a break and the temperatures have been lovely so outdoor dining is at the top of my list.
    xoxo, B