Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HOT HOT HOT French-Style Rolling Carts for $19.99

If you have always wanted a French Basketeer Rolling Cart, race on over to Joann Fabrics for a steal of a deal regularly $39.99 and now on sale for $19.99~



These are made in China I presume, and while the construction is rather leger compared to the real deal French ones I sell, they are perfect for some light market shopping, home storage or even garden tools.  Leave it outside and the cart will go grey. We use (an authentic) one for BBQ supplies.   I’m thinking of them for some Christmas gifts.  Can you imagine, getting one for Christmas….but why not for $19.99???  I would stuff them with farmers market produce and flowers.  Fill the bottom with paper wads and top with burlap; add fresh stuff on top; that would also make a great Holiday silent auction donation….

The handle is very slim but the look is great.  Especially if you want them for display only, e.g. towels around the pool or dried hydrangeas and the like, this is the ticket.  What would you fill yours with?  What would you choose for a fabric liner?  I would lose this green one (personal preference).

$19.99?  I can’t believe that price, it’s crazy!!!  How can China produce and ship these for that price?  That is another question, I suppose.  But I saw them in the store recently, and they are a great deal.

You can find them in stores, or HERE.  Use coupon code MCE293 for FREE Shipping on orders over $40, which means you need to buy three of them, or else some other goods.

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  1. I must say that is a really handy cart.
    Are there any American companys that make it?
    Great for Leaves, I am raked 0ut, wish the leaves were done. We had a wet fall. Not the best year for color.. That's enough to give me the Blahs. LOL. Yvonne

  2. Andrea, what a great bargain!! I might have to check it out :)!

  3. That is a great bargain Andrea, I have always wanted one of yours from the first time I saw them at Joni's!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Andrea, Thanks for the heads up. I have a vintage cart but I may have to get one of these too.

  5. No, thank you. No more stuff from China.

  6. Hopflower, I can't tell you how many people buy a French rolling cart after their Chinese one falls apart; how can they make it and ship it here for this price? amazes me...

  7. Through slave labour (mostly children I would bet), and the threat of suicides. Terrible policies, and too true ins some cases. It does not at all surprise me that the French make a superior product; most Europeans still have that pride left if they have jobs, that is.

    I avoid as much as possible things made in China. Of course, many companies are not forthcoming as to where the components of their products are from. But I try.

  8. such a great deal! :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friend~ Hugs, Rachel

  9. Greetings! I'm hopping on over from French Farmhouse 425! Love your blog and am your newest follower!!! :) Also, I read that you're in Southern Cali?!?! Me too!!! Lovely to meet a fellow SoCali blogger!!!


  10. I went to the JoAnns website and could not find the basket. Any suggestions?