Thursday, October 27, 2011

Night Shift

Though I rise early each morning and get right to the day’s work, on a schedule, it is often the late evening hours that give me more productive, less-scripted time to relax, unwind, and to have a few uninterrupted hours.  Here in Laguna, I leave my window open, to feel the cool night air and to smell either the salt of the ocean or the charming waft of my neighbors’ wood-burning fireplaces, and to hear the sound of the crashing waves a distance away.  

Surrounded by various candles and inspired here by the first Camellia offered by my garden this season, I can get some good work done.  These are the M E R R Y votives from the Romantic Homes shoot; the more they burn down the more you can see the burlap and stencil, fyi~


I keep so many little reminders of friends and joy and love on the large pine baker’s table which is my work table.  We need more affirmation of love, don’t you think? A recent gift from a best friend will be a treasure for my Christmas~


Tonight’s project is to cut up a vintage Vichy check French duvet cover and sew gift & wine bags and the like for the Sur La Table class I will be offering next month; I threw today’s necklace on top of the check, both from last month’s Rose Bowl visit~


There is lots of “stuff” on my pine table, including all the curtain rings and candles and a few copper skimmers from Guy that are like art on the table~


A few mini Christmas ornaments from my recent Rose Bowl trip will be supplemented by stuff from my personal collection for the Sur La Table class; we will use these to embellish the gifts we will make~


The humble yet oh so useful peppercorn is also getting ready for its prime time at the class~


A tussle of vintage French lace and other stuff is around the work table, here with the locket I wear daily~


It is so hard to find “time,” to be creative and to relax and breathe.  Wondering if I am alone in enjoying the night hours?  Stay tuned for more on our Farm to Table class at Sur La Table San Diego, and Christmas and other great stuff!!!


  1. Hello my dear!

    I have to confess...I'm absolutely a night owl, chronic insomniac, etc....and I tend to function better at night in terms of thinking, crafts, relaxing, etc. Good to know I'm not the only one!!! :) You have the best tablescapes, by the way! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us at the Sur La Table class {love that place!}. Take care and have a great night!


  2. A deer for someone dear.

    I sent you a box on Wednesday. Inside is your yellow bag and a few of the vintage red mercury balls. I will be cleaning the craft room this next week and will probably come across a few more if you need them.

    Also found something fun at Sweet Salvage last week. I thought they might make for fun props at your cooking class. They are classics we enjoyed while in France. :)

  3. Your camellia is GORGEOUS!

    Was just stopping by to see if you ever received "Irresistible French objects" ? I know e-mails can get stuck in the Spam folder sometimes...

  4. Another night owl here! It's 1:45AM right now and I am getting caught up on my blog reading. Your photos are beautiful and I love the locket.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. My time to be creative and relax is early in the morning, before the household stirs. I love the peace before the new day begins.
    I wish I could attend your Farm to Table and Sur La Table class next month .........the tyranny of distance.

  6. Beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend Andrea~ I just announced the winner of your beautiful lavender pillows~xo Rachel

  7. Andrea!
    I bought "your issue" of Romantic Homes last night! My 82 year old mother just purchased the COOLEST embroidery machine. We shall have such fun implementing the numerous ideas that are looming in my head. Thank you for your inspiration!

    I only wish that you could visit our Sur La Table at the Pike Place Market!

  8. What I wouldn't give to open my window and smell those smells!

  9. I can't wait to see what you do in your classes. Your photos here are inspiring. I really love the necklace you pick up at your Rose Bowl visit! So gorgeous!

  10. Hearing the waves and smelling the ocean sounds perfect! Seems night time hours are my quiet and get things done time lately...meaning the last five years ;) Beautiful pictures as usual.

  11. www.camelliasdreamweddings.blogspot.comNovember 3, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Thanks for the inspiration with the stencil on Burlap, tried it and it worked beautifully! They will be part of my Christmas collection for my store. Enjoyed your feature in Romantic homes!

  12. Andrea!

    Wow you are a very busy elf!! and yes, I like to work in the night hours...but in the early early morning before the rest of the world is it!

    so good to visit your blog and get inspired all over again!



  13. Hi Sweetie...
    Just had to pop over. I have been without a computer for months. My dear Sis gifted me with an early Christmas gift, a new laptop. I love it, and am just getting back around to friends.

    Looks like you are burning the candle at both ends sweetie. Meeting yourself coming and going.

    We are getting some cooler weather here in Phoenix tonight. A little rain mixed in. LOVE it. I can hear the surf and the waves splashing through those open doors. I can also smell the wonderful sea air. Is there anything better?

    Hope you are well. I have thought of you often. Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for the dreamy share this evening. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  14. Lots of night owls around blogland. I was actually up and leaving comments between 2:30 and 5, then I went back to bed. It's funny sometimes when you comment and immediately get a response and start up a conversation.

    You post is beautiful, the photography splendid. I am you newest follower!

    How many times did you wash the burlap to get the effect you wanted?

  15. Hi Andrea! I was wondering how the preparations were going for the class. And then I find out you did the tables for the Organic Farmers! Beautiful!! Sounds like you have it all under control, but no doubt you're a very busy lady. You will post on your Sur La Table class I hope when you teach it!