Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate Covered Valentine

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is fun to celebrate with a romantic dinner for two, sometimes it’s just fun to share the love with a large crowd.  Such was the case this past Sunday, when Raquel and I decided to offer a few Valentine-inspired treats to our shoppers at the Rancho Santa Fe farmers market.  This heart was a gift at Christmas from my friend L on a bottle of wine, and I tied it to my basket for the day as inspiration~


We brought four dozen pink and red long stemmed roses which were given to the ladies, from one of my rolling carts~


Along with a few beautiful blackberries from Pudwill Farms, we had white chocolate bark, which was simply melted Ghiradelli white chocolate chips poured on a silpat and topped with peppermint sprinkles~


The real hit of the day, especially with the kids, was an array of strawberries and cherries dipped in chocolate~


As a truly seasonal fruit that can not be forced, these cherries come from Chile, and I have been surprised to see them all over in every grocery store here lately.  The chocolate is a bar of Valrhona 71% from Trader Joes.  Break the bar into pieces and melt in a double boiler (put your bowl over a simmering pan of water) and holding by the fruit by the stems, dip the fruits in the melted chocolate (no cream or anything else added) and let the excess drip off; I put them on a Silpat sheet while the chocolate hardens and for easy removal.


Fresh cherry and dark chocolate is a magical combination, and need I mention, this makes a decadent little bite to feed by hand to your Sweetie?  A large tray of chocolate covered cherries can be made for about $8 even now with imported fruits.  For a dinner I’d place one on each plate with a rose petal, just like this~


Lots of love to all today & this week!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I love those chocolate covered cherries!!

  2. Beautiful roses~ Have a wonderful Valentines Day my friend!! xoxoxo Rachel

  3. How lovely and yummy sweet little treats for a special day!

    Happy Valentines Andrea!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh as usual, you have the right ideas!
    Happy Day to you!!

  5. Oh this is L-O-V-E ly!!
    I am keeping this idea in my "entertain" file. We have a yearly tradition to visit a cherry orchard the week before Christmas when the season is right for them here, and pick our own cherries. We always make some fresh cherry ice cream for Christmas dinner ( remember we are in our summer season then)and also bottle cherries in cognac (and brown sugar) as gifts..
    I love your idea and presentation.
    Thank you for sharing, wishing you love and giggles on this fun day
    Colette x

  6. I love cherries, much better than strawberries. How come I never thought of this Lisa! You are so clever. Hope your trip is filling up and you can share all your very best ideas. Happy Valentines Day Lisa! Much love XO

  7. Beautiful sweet and creative ideas! Happy Hearts Day, xo HHL

  8. What an amazing treat!
    Chocolate covered cherries ... yum!

    Happy Valentine's Day ~

  9. Those look DELICIOUS!! I can't wait to try the chocolate dipped cherries~

    XO Noel