Thursday, February 9, 2012

Entre Amis

You’ll find a feature that I wrote and photographed in the March issue of Romantic Homes Magazine, which will be on news stands nationwide in the next few weeks.  The cover is really pretty, isn’t it?


The title is “Entre Amis” and describes briefly my visits with my wonderful friend Rachel at her home in Bouilland, Burgunday, France.  There is a full page lead photo, then this montage of photos; who can beat a gathering of your very best girl friends, at top left, Lorie, Laura (you all know from her blog Décor to Adore), and Rachel.  Rachel is my model hostess, relaxed, gracious, always fun, and always ready with great food and wine to facilitate connections and friendships~


It was nice to see the layout of the story, all on one page.  While the photos are an aid, the Editor seemed to really love the story and the layout reflected that.  Hopefully you can read it here and hopefully it will give you just a little glimpse of Rachel’s home and her singular style~


The fourth page of the layout shows a few perfect peonies at the entry, which we take for granted in France; the amazing kitchen, a glimpse of the garden and the stone walls~


Here are the same photos in their larger format; this one especially makes me so happy, some of my besties all together on Rachel’s stone terrace. We arrived and Rachel instantly brought out a few cushions for the terrace while we chatted away; so French, so effortless….IMG_7263

The lead photo; Rachel has created a beautiful terrace, full of charme and climbing roses...we used the herbs here just outside the kitchen door at far right for a tisane later in the evening~


I love to watch the progress of the terrace and the fields…..and the Charolais cows in the background which belong to the neighbor.  More on the Charolais later~


Perfect peonies greet you at Rachel’s stone entry~


And the staircase entry, still a little holiday in May, but no matter, charming all the same; all times of the year the mailbox is in the same place…such are the charms of living in France, non?~


The kitchen photo featured….I love love love…..


and the Dutch door from the kitchen to the terrace….it’s all perfectly French….you are amazing, Rachel….


and last but not least, the little window she found in Spain and had her masons cut a hole in the stone wall to make room for it….charming….French….so perfect for Rachel…..


Rachel conducts high end bike tours around Europe and beyond.  She does not advertise, as her tours are full by word of mouth referrals.  You can contact Rachel at

Hope you have enjoyed the photos of Rachel’s home, you will see more of her home later, I promise!


  1. Enchanting……..uncontrived………beautifully French. I hope My French Folly will look like this one day!
    Love your images and I’m sure I would love your article – if only I could get my hands on it from Australia!

  2. Enchanting was just the word I was going to use as well, so inviting. Who wouldn't want to be on that porch with you all? I sure would. I like that little window next to the front door and the Christmas decorations in May just crack me up (as does the mail box).
    I'm with you though, the kitchen shot - love everything about it!
    Will be getting this issue for sure.

  3. It truly brought back a million and one warm wonderful memories for me.

    Can't wait to take heaps of people over for the same experience.

  4. Wonderful Andrea! A few of my favorite bloggers in this month;s issue (Mandy as well). Am watching for this issue and look forward to reading about your friend's home. Congratulations on your published is enchanting. XO

  5. Andrea, a wonderful feature of your friend Rachel's home in Romantic Homes. Isn't the cover beautiful? Rachel's abode is so very French, I love the terrace, the windows, the kitchen, and especially the photo including our dear friend Laura!!

    Congratulations on the very special feature!

    Art by Karena

  6. Andrea,
    Oh my goodness!
    I think that it is so remarkable that Rachel lived by candlelight while renovating her home. Rachel's home is so beautiful and natural. I adore that her 'holiday' has transitioned into May's whimsy! I am learning that true French country homes do not look staged! I LOVE THIS! Rachel's touch is relaxed and delicate... not deliberate. Andrea, your kitchen in Beaune comes to mind. I will be watching for the magazine! I am so very intrigued and inspired!

  7. That home is so ....beautiful. I cant wait to pick up my copy of the magazine. The climbing roses are just stunning.. Roses are my weakness.
    Happy Weekend to you and thanks for sharing this gorgeous place with me.

  8. I loved your featured piece! :) So happy for you and Rachel~ Have a beautiful day Andrea~ Hugs, Rachel

  9. Congratulations!! Looks great & I can't wait for it to hit the newsstands!


  10. Now this is paradise. I'd never leave home. You did a beautiful job. You must be walking on air. I'll have to run to the store to get this issue.


  11. Absolutely fabulous, sweetie! I so enjoyed your article, and could only wish I was there.

    Xo Lidy

  12. I am so impressed With your photos and article being published! Congrats!

  13. Andrea,
    Would love to know how old that house is.
    I bet it was there in world war two, and beyond.
    The roses are so pretty and such a wonderful patio.
    Love the walls and windows.
    Congratulations on the Magizine cover. You look
    so happy there. Yvonne

  14. Hi Andrea, What a beautiful setting and congrats on this lovely feature. We are talking about a trip to Provence later this year and seeing the pictures makes me want to jump on a plane right now. Take care, Sherry

  15. Congratulations on your lovely article in Romantic Homes! What a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. It looks so welcoming!

  16. I saw it; I saw it in Romantic Homes! How wonderful to see it in print. Congratulations on this---and it was very charming.

  17. Just lovely...the roses and stone and color of the window ...nice job.

  18. Such a beautiful home. I remember when it was "the ruin"