Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Style Expression

Last Sunday I set up a full booth at the Raquel’s Rancho Santa Fe market.  I used a pair of raisin crates from Beaune, filled them with a little burlap, then topped off by splitting a small bale of hay.  Hay anywhere at the house would definitely have put my Mom over the edge, but in these crates, at the market, the little bit of hay peeking out around the edges of the fruit and squash were seasonally perfect~


Last week I showed you this same crate full of squash; I started to move away from Halloween and towards fall by adding in more veggies and apples, as well as grapes and beets~


And in the second crate, white pumpkins, apples, pomegranates and beans~


Like a Fauve painting, full of vibrant blocks of color, I loved these crates for their vibrant blocks of colors~


I used the two crates to bookend the front of the booth on Sunday…..


I have been using a set of six matching crates in the Info Booth at the market each week; Sunday I used them in the back of my booth, to nice effect~


I pulled some XS baskets from the warehouse to frame in each of the crates~


To the right, a set of Moroccan Eze baskets in a stack sat next to one of the crates~


After all that work setting up, it was time for lunch….Emilio’s Paella is always delicious~


and a willow tray of chocolate salted caramel mini tarts; I will put this recipe up sometime soon as I will be making these again soon~


In the end, I didn’t sell a lot of baskets, but I sure had a lot of nice comments and Instagram pics on the crates.  In years past I have expressed my creativity into painting or pottery, or gardening.  For the moment, I’m styling and creating in food…..It’s all fun, and it’s all good….hope you enjoyed a few market pics~  



  1. The whole display is just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful styling. Your baskets are fabulous and as an owner of one of these baskets, I cannot understand why people aren't flocking to buy them. They are always stylish, versatile, tough and hold a surprising amount of "stuff". They are like espadrilles, deck shoes and pearls - a must have........

  3. Lovely booth desgn very fallish and beautiful. Always enjoy your photos .

    Have a good day.

    Sheila in SF

  4. What a gorgeous post! Just found your blog and have fallen in love!

  5. Great baskets - you have such a flair for styling and decor. Your basket colors are gorgeous, they'll sell soon!
    Talk soon,

  6. You always do a brilliant job with texture and pattern. ALWAYS makes me happy looking at your delightful displays.

  7. Everything looks so wonderfully festive. My garden is growing like gangbusters. I need to go out and get cages for the tomatoes and peas soon.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Are you selling the baskets online yet? I am just dying to get one!!

  9. Are you selling online again? I am dying for one of the bags!!

  10. I'm with you. I see nothing wrong with your serving your father his dinner at 5.oo pm. Elderly people like their routines - we change our meal times to suit my elderly father when he visits us.
    Sadly, none of your images are showing up on my computer. Gros bisous