Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just Around the Corner

I wonder if there is an age at which one should stop traveling around for Thanksgiving dinner.  This year left me and my parents feeling a little unfulfilled.  Dad wanted to eat promptly at 5pm, the appointed hour for our meal and his usual dinner time.  After his modest grumblings, I filled a plate for him and he tucked into his meal alone at the dinner table, at my Sis’ house; a moment later she said he should be “thanking her” for dinner instead of eating ahead of the rest of us.  Mom didn’t have much to say about the meal aside from the fact that my Sis mentioned that she gives $20 bills out to people on the corner who are begging for food, while Mom said would like to have a few of those bills herself.  I just brought my dogs along for entertainment ahead of the meal, and with a glass or two of bubbly I was good…..the turkey was fine and the meal seemed to be quick, and then I found myself driving my parents home shortly after 7pm, and we had my mince pie for breakfast the next day.  I suppose my parents have gotten used to having their meals at their own house; I don’t know what to attribute it to.  Well, there is one thing I can say, Mom and I both can not wait for Christmas, so she was ready to just skip Thanksgiving.  I didn’t waste any time getting the tree up yesterday, here just with the lights~


Oh, and I also booked a ticket to Paris non stop from LAX, December 9th, the morning after the second farm to table.  R is there in Beaune waiting for me and looking forward to the holidays.  I have two weeks, returning on December 24th.  Everything I need is basically there; I am packing a few fun items including some vintage Chanel jewelry for the season~


And in the meantime getting ready for the two farm to table events while enjoying all the seasonal pretties at home~


My mind though, is really already in France.  There are so many things that I didn’t get to show you from last year.  The Hospice, how we decorate the tree in Beaune and how we venture off into the forest for photo shoots.  And of course, yes, the food at the market~

new years eve 002new years eve 011new years eve 020

truffles anyone?

new years eve 041

We are not expecting guests this year, but the table will still be set.  I can’t wait to be here….

new years eve 067new years eve 098new years eve 101

Tomorrow I’m off the market, and to help a new friend with some florals.  The next two weeks will be intense baking and planning….much to show you.  Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend~


  1. Hi dear, oh my the parent thing, I too go through much the same, I think they just want to stick to there time line and be left alone, unless they ask for something.
    ThanksGiving can be such a rush rush at times and is so stressful when it comes to cooking all day and then to sit and relax to enjoy the meal that takes less then 20 minutes to eat.

    Love the tree and the beauty of its space, divine and oh so Euro-chic.

    Happy holidays

  2. Beautiful...just beautiful, Andrea.
    Our Thanksgiving was filled with joy and concern. Mom had a brain bleed Thanksgiving morn. She is recovering well. She was released from NCU today.You know that she is a retired RN. Being in NCU frightened her, because she realized how severe the circumstances were for awhile. More rehab is in her future. She has had a pretty tough Autumn.

    I am rejoicing for your trip to Beaune on December 9th! I just marked Dec 9th to pop a bottle of bubbly to toast your travel! I know that we will be the recipient of more beautiful images as we approach Christmas! I loved your posts last year!

    The best of wishes for your farm to table events!

  3. Holidays and families...sometimes routines are hard to break. I know you will enjoy your Christmas in France. We have spent Christmas in Austria two years and it is always special.

  4. One year we will be in Beaune at the same time! L

    Miss you!

    a la prochaine, Patty

  5. Lovely images Andrea! You are probably right about your parents being more comfortable in their own Home.
    Oh I envy your trip to Beaune! It sounds so heavenly a you definitely deserve.

    I was already asleep when you called last night / am not usually at that time, however a 2 hr rehab therapy late Friday afternoon session did me in!
    I am here for the day!

    Art by Karena

  6. Hi Andrea, We almost had to drag my dad to his grandsons home for Thanksgiving dinner! I swear I thought about putting Prozac in the meal this year. We all survived and dad actually enjoyed himself. I hope you have a wonderful time in France.
    Hugs, Sherry

  7. Family ... a blessing and a curse. You've had your hands very full this year with little to no help. I'm thrilled that you have a ticket with a date to look forward to! If only you lived closer, you'd be sitting next to me in front of a roaring fire relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. The invite is always open.


  8. This post made me think about my great Uncle Pete. Everyday at 12 noon sharp he would eat 1 peanut butter & jelly sandwich on white bread, some canned peaches washed down with a coke. Everyday, for the 40 years that I was lucky to know him. When I was with him I would eat it too. One time he said to me "One of the things I like best about you Laura is that you accept me as I am instead of lecturing me about diet." I just figured he was doing ok. He lived to be 90. :)

    At a certain age people should do exactly WHAT they want WHEN they want.

    So glad you are getting away.

  9. The green of that piece of jewelry is beautiful, and perfect for the holidays.

  10. Can't view your pictures on my laptop or iPad" sad.