Friday, November 30, 2012

Patience, Please…

I was mucking around in my Picasa web albums this morning and it seems that by deleting some old duplicate images I have done something terribly wrong…..

I can see all images on my primary computer, but when I get on my laptop, or go to any other computer, I see the No Entry symbol instead of the images.  Big sigh…this is not good. I can’t view the last four months worth of posts.

I’m hoping for some progress later today, and encouraged that the images are somehow still on my computer.  I have checked to be sure all the permission settings are correct for public viewing.  I’m close to my limit of 1gig of file space, so think that has something to do with it.  If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears…testing with this image of the paperwhites in the rain today, fingers crossed this new image will post….

ppwhite 1


  1. I can see the pic of the paper whites, but all the other pics are black with a minus in a circle. Blogging sometimes is so frustrating when it comes to figuring out the computer. Good Luck...

  2. I get so "freaked out" when something goes wrong with my computer... but my photos... I'd be a little crazy! Sounds like you are very calm! Hope everything turns out okay! LOVE these paperwhites!

  3. Same thing Andrea, I can see the paperwhites;however below post no images.
    It was so good to talk last night! Thank you for you friendship and always being there for me!

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  4. Oh, Andrea! How frustrating for you.
    I thought that I lost all of my photographs when a virus bit my old laptop about a month ago. I took it to our IT guy at work. He found a code that took him to a website that gave him the instructions to access and retrieve. He charged me 75.00. So worth it! I hope that you are able to sort it out.
    The paperwhites are beautiful! It seems like you just planted them!

  5. Andrea, You receive 1GB od free storage. You need to purchase additional storage. Photos deleted from your Blogger Album in Picasa Web Albums will also be deleted from your Blog. Likewise, if you deleted a photo from Blogger it will be deleted from Picasa Web Albums. If you deleted a phot from Picasa you should be able to retrieve it from your trash can (It didn't work for me). In other words do not delete any photos from Picasa to make more room or to organize. They will often disappear, even from your older blog posts. For a very samll fee you can purchase extra space. that is the best answer.
    Please read my post of July 6, 2011 for additional information. Good Luck, Gina

    1. Gina, thank you for this information! I pieced most of that together yesterday and wish I had looked at my storage first...the good news is that all of my photos are still kept on my camera I might have to repost or otherwise get the images back on the blog...the bottom line is never ever ever touch your Picasa albums, right? ! Have a great weekend!