Friday, January 11, 2013

Pipe et Pantoufles

The last Sunday in Beaune when I went to the “Sunday bakery,” I couldn’t help but climb up on my toes to take this photo through the window.  It’s the golden brioche loaf that I love, and that I use to make French Toast for the girls when they are with me in Beaune.  The bread itself is better than anything you’ll ever taste, but made into French toast and with fresh fruit and whipped cream, it’s positively divine~


I mentioned that neither R or I eat a lot of sweets.  Oh wait, I stand corrected.  I asked if he had given the apple tarte to Cedric.  Non, he ate the whole thing over two days after I left and reported it was positively delicious; I was shocked!  I made it with store-bought puff pastry and using the apples R had bought two weeks earlier that I wanted to use up….It’s a favorite dessert for me to instruct guests to make…still, I was glad R loved it, it was really last minute after I had seen the cakes in the window.


My girlfriends know the routine; when R and I are in Beaune, it’s the Pipe & Slippers tour.  Coffee in bed, sandwiches and foot massages on demand.  Yeah, well, it’s fine with me, and this is where we have our time together, mostly without any of my family intruding.  So for me, the Pipe and Slippers tour is kind of fun~


But the next time around, it’s going to be about the girls; whether R is there or not, the girls will outnumber the boys.  And that means that whenever I pass the Bouche window, I’m picking up whatever strikes my fancy.  One of each please….I so wanted to have a slice of one of these cakes…


It looked like a lot of cake for two, and I weighed the options….a beautiful cutting board from Jean-Luc that I will enjoy forever, or a cake that I will mostly eat by myself……the cutting board won out, but next time, I’m having it all….shopping and the cakes~


I am also arranging with Marie-Pierre to have this lovely pair of Porcelaine de Paris coupes in house on my next arrival, which I will use to serve the girls….pommes frites….with our mussels in white wine sauce in the pair of large soupieres….won’t that be wonderful, French fries in these~


The next trip is being planned for late March.  To say that I am itching to get back is an understatement.  More posts from France to come.  Just had to share the cakes with you today……


  1. Oh how delicious looking, it would be very hard to pass up cakes such as these! However, I do love a beautiful cutting board!

    Thank you for brightening my day Andrea and for being a friend with a listening ear last night.

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  2. I am so glad that you stood on your toes. The brioche loaf looks amazing.

    I wanted to make a Buche Noel for Christmas Day...I ran out of time.

    If only we had a bakery like
    A Beaune Bouche'. The nearest place would be the Bakery Nouveau (about 30 miles away)...and still not able to hold a candle to a French patisserie.

    Thanks for sharing, Andrea.
    March is right around the corner!

  3. I thought of you today when my other half opened up one of his presents given to him by our friends from Bourgogne. A very nice bottle or 2006 Beaune.
    Who wouldn't like to eat French fries from that beautiful porcelain basket.

  4. Yummy! It all looks so wonderful. Thank you for sharing would love your Apple Tarte recipe.
    Can't wait for the rest of the posts from your trip, I am in France through your eyes.

  5. Yummy! It all looks so wonderful. Thank you for sharing would love your Apple Tarte recipe.
    Can't wait for the rest of the posts from your trip, I am in France through your eyes.

  6. Right now I am digging around to see where I can get my hands on a plane ticket for Paris. :)
    Of course the other side of me wants to slipcover my bergere chair, ottoman and settee as I am SO tired of the tired upholstery and the Metis sheets are just sitting there.

    So its kind of like the cake versus cutting board dilemma.

    Then my art history class is studying the Egyptians and I see that so many of the artifacts are in the Louvre....

    Lord show me how I can get the cake and eat it too on my newly slip covered chair. :)

  7. I can almost smell and taste the goods. Lovely photography.

  8. Traveled to Utah to tend 3 "grands" while parents surf in Costa Rica. We are snowed in, about 15" of snow. We loved looking at the edibles on those gorgeous cakes. An eye-opener for the kids. Happy day, msk

  9. .... you had me at the window with brioche! Love the pictures and your tales of Beaune!

  10. Yum, Yum. What a swell sounding tour, is it cold there?
    That hand painted poppy plate is gorgeous, I wonder what the price is.
    I used to china paint and did a lot of that poppy on cake plates.
    Enjoy your Time a-way..
    be well and safe.