Monday, January 28, 2013


It’s funny that since I have been back from France, I haven’t felt the urge to show you much of what I am doing here, which is is always plenty!  There are the markets, spring farm to tables, and lots of cooking.  I took some nice photos of the mounds of deep purple and white flowers I planted at the kitchen door, and yesterday I picked a basket full of photo-worthy Meyer’s lemons from the garden.  Winter in California is indeed wonderful. 

But no, it doesn’t seem quite right, and I haven’t been very inspired to talk about what I’m doing now, I’d rather talk about France.  I still enjoy going back to look at photos of, for example, what I had for breakfast most days: a small pot of fromage blanc from the Saturday market, with a few groseilles or red currants.  I actually bought these for the photo shoot, but I love their tartness with just a sprinkle of sugar.  Ah, even the basic grocery store sugar in France is wonderful, slightly more crystalized than what we get in the States and with a slight crunch to it~


I have also been intensively working on a certain project the last few weeks.  That work is continuing this week, and if all goes according to plan, on Friday I will finally be able to reveal it.  This project has been incubating for a long time, and now it finally feels right to launch it.  It’s another reason why my mind isn’t in California, it’s in France~


So I may be a little scarce this week, but look for the news on Friday.  And after that, I’ll be back with more of France.  Less California for now, more France.  That feels right.


Have a wonderful week~


  1. Oh I am SO excited for Friday.

    Love the blue doors. If this is your image please copyright it. It's steal able. :)

  2. Very excited Andrea! of course I support you all the way!!
    These images are a delight, the blue doors are wonderful.
    When you call I will tell you about my weekend. Isabella came over to help .

    2013 Artists Series

  3. Looking forward to reading your post this Friday. Only natural your heart is still in France. Always enjoy anything you write about in France and seeing your pics.

    Sheila in SF

  4. Looking forward to Fridays post. And, always enjoy reading about your time in France...

    Sheila in SF

  5. I spent 10 days in Paris in December and my mind still isn't back here in the States yet! Lovely photos.


  6. Love your blog....and miss when you do not post. Even when you post your stories from CA they have a French flair...and the blogs that are actually from France...well, oh la la! Merci for keeping us connected to all things French! Maureen

  7. I love it when you speak "France"!
    Friday! So excited!

  8. Andrea,
    All I can say is I wish I were a mouse in your pocket.
    My traveling days are gone. I will just live through your travels.
    be safe- be well.

  9. infectious! I will be back on Friday to see what you have up your sleeve!