Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cecil, Sur Moto

Dogs are are always a favorite photo subject of mine, and in Paris we took photos of dozens of dogs….big dogs, little dogs, shop dogs, café dogs and homeless dogs, dogs that can open doors, or pace anxiously outside of the boulangerie waiting for their owners. French Bulldogs, by the way, seem to be a perennial favorite in terms of breed.  In certain parcs and squares, dogs must be on leash, but often times, especially in the 7th, we saw a lot of dogs running off leash, out for a walk.  With just one word from their master or mistress, Parisian dogs seem to know when to heel, when to cross the street, or when to sit.  Are Parisian dogs smarter?  I don’t know, but they are frequently named for philosophers or other historical figures.  How could a dog named Voltaire or a cat named Richelieu be anything less than brilliant?  And so, you’ll find a full feature on Les Chiens de Paris in Rêve, and you’ll see a few chats in there as well.

We saw one or two dogs in bicycle baskets, but one thing I didn’t see was a dog on the back of a motorcycle.  Here is Cecil, in California yesterday, harnessed into his own little crate that bears his name.  This is a Ninja motorcycle, and it goes fast.  He actually looked very relaxed and happy on the back of the bike, and when they took off, Cecil peered his head around to the side, so he can see ahead.  Hang on, Cecil!


More posts from Paris soon.  Enjoy the rest of your week~


  1. Cecil liked his picture :) You are correct, he loves to ride. He gets very sad when I ride without him, but I take him with me about 95% of the time. I included a link to his Halloween picture this year. I am dressed as Wile E Coyote and he as my son, Wile E Jr. Cecil loves it when he can go out as a cartoon character and he does not actually need to wear a costume! :)

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