Saturday, April 25, 2009

News Ads Work!

Thank you to the many Laguna residents who came to the Corona del Mar market today after seeing our ad in the Laguna Beach Independent. Everyone says print is dying, but in Laguna we read the Indy cover to cover (at least I do!). I was happy to see you leave with your baskets, net bags and BioBags, and Rick the market's manager always loves to see new patrons; everyone is happy!

I love to see people returning with their baskets; this shopper had a large green Cannes basket overflowing with green and white, herbs and flowers; STOP! need a shot of that! Lovely composition! The Queen Anne's lace was so delicate. It smelled like dill and other herbs. It was a very very cool, green basket....she did a great job.....notice it's full but still holds its shape; I'll have to do a post on construction of the baskets one of these days.

I met Liza a few weeks ago, and today she bought a lovely Antibes ombre in yellow XXL; all the baskets are hand made and some are more perfect than others; Liza's basket is perfect, and she knew it. The yellow is cheerful but very subtle; yummy. Here it is with her oranges and sweet peas and everything else in it. Of course it's not even half full; but she'll use it for the beach and then it will be full....

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