Tuesday, April 28, 2009

They love a Monogram

What could be more custom than a monogram? It screams class and sophistication; it makes an item extra special for $10.
I thought immediately of monogramming the liners and totes when I ordered them. I had this one done so I could show it as a sample. Everyone is crazy for it. It gives people a new idea and is wonderful for a gift. I have a monogram shop client in New Jersey and they are showing our products this spring, but I wanted to have a few pieces done locally. This was done by I-Initial in Tustin, my favorite momogrammer since I have yet to show them something they can't monogram! They did a fab job on some hemp bags for me this week too. Note that there is still a mark from the hoop, but this will go away.
So this is my first order, a yellow Cannes with liner, monogrammed both on the front of the tote and on the liner. The mono on the front is finished in the back very well -- as opposed to having a big piece of backing; the mono on the liner needs to be higher up so you can read it when the liner is drawn. I had one of the St. Tropez baskets monogrammed for my sister, and she uses it for her kids' swim stuff.
These are great to personalize for bridesmaids' gifts or other. More later; but this gives you ideas...

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