Thursday, April 30, 2009

Superstar bags

You saw it here first; beautifully colored organic cotton net bags. Our new colored net bags are very pretty; there are a few saturated colors, but most are subtle. When you see them filled with a contrasting fruit or veggie they will be striking! The colors will help with organization. They are all hand dyed and no two are alike.
While I really love my baskets, the net bags are my superstar product. They have been great, used in dozens of ways including produce.
I did separate batches of pink (going from warm rose to ballerina pink) and yellow (yellow pepper to pale lemon) today, and I think I am now getting the hang of it. There are a few tricks to it, if you want to dye them yourselves.
This is one gigantic bundle. We'll have them this weekend at Corona del Mar, Studio City and Brentwood farmers markets. They cost $1 more per bag than the natural color.
People come up to the booth and see the net bags on the table and ask "what are these?" but they never notice the sample bags hanging right above the bags. This weekend I will hang a hot pink or orange bag, see if that catches people's eye!

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