Saturday, August 28, 2010

Austerity Fatigue

I recently met R, a lovely San Diego store owner. She has several shops in the area, and she noted that people are getting tired of not having extra money to spend. Who isn't there? I say, we are all broke, at different levels. Even those with big incomes are taking home less. And everyone has a maxed budget. Anyway, R says many people want to make themselves feel better by buying just one little thing for themselves. She called it something like Austerity Fatigue or Recession Fatigue.

This week, and before my trip to France, I succumbed to "it" whatever you call it. I buy baskets and merchandise, but little for myself, but this week I bought a new Canon Camera. A few shots from today: the same dahlias you saw last week look much better through the Big Camera:
the color is so good....
and the oranges, also from Hector at CdM:
these with a pale blush center:
I smelled the tuberose as soon as I got out of the car; these are the small-stemmed, super-fragrant ones:


and succulents; I am amazed that the camera can do this:

for my display basket, I did eggs, in homage to the 500 something million eggs now in recall; please, just buy local:
I played with several baskets to test the camera:
the focus is amazing; look how it captures the leather trim; as Jo says, worth every penny; lovin' this camera:
and finally, the tuberose and mini roses I brought home.
More tomorrow; I will have lots of tomato and veggie shots at Rancho Santa Fe. I also can't wait to show you Paris and France through this camera lens. So very excited, and so glad that Christmas came in August for me!


  1. I'm happy for you, too! France will be oh so much better through the lens of your new camera! The flowers are LOVELY!

  2. Oh my this is just sooo beautiful! I rarely buy things I want, mainly what I need! Enjoy yourself.

  3. I am thrilled for you ~ the photos are FABULOUS! Don't you feel like a small child in a candy store ... what shot can I take next. You'll find yourself taking this sweet baby with you every where you go.

    I need to get an email off to you about lenses. Did you get a bag yet? We bought a backpack/sling bag. It's a great bag that allows you to be hand free and it holds all my lenses. I just bought a hood for two of my lenses ~ I can't wait for them to arrive.

    I'm so happy for you!

    Merry Christmas ~

  4. Jo, I spent so much on the camera, I didn't even buy a case or a zoom lens! I did get an 8g card, for around 1,100 photos....yes definitely, kid in a candy store! The colors! Yay!

  5. Looks like you are making fast friends with your new camera Andrea. It will become one of your best friends, enjoy! And will look forward to seeing your pics from France this time around. Much love XO

  6. GORGEOUS flowers!!! WOW... 4 months until Christmas... time to get people buying custom paintings for gifts!!!!