Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Key to Life

My nieces left for college this week, but before they did, one asked me, "what is the key to life?" I wish I knew! Can it be summed up in a few words?

Off the cuff, I told her the key to life is to Keep Up. Keep up on the laundry, and the paperwork, homework and reading, and never get more than 5 lbs overweight. Keep up on your voicemail and email, gardening and housework. Make time for your friends. Keep up on your relationships. Don't forget your spiritual growth; and continue to educate yourself, always. Don't get too far behind. I suppose this is just a reflection of where I am right now, constantly struggling to "keep up." It makes my head spin sometimes! Round and round, each day, like the Great Wheel in Paris at the Tuilleries (you will never ever get me up in this thing! haha):
This hank of 18C French keys is somehow meditative for me; they are collectively perhaps a metaphor for life, and individually for the various aspects that need to be "kept up." Each is uniquely beautiful; look at this one, over 7" long and roughly forged; handsome & solid:
Each key has a unique form, made to open just one lock; the workmanship is incredible, though I am easily fascinated by anything 18C or 19C French~
Maybe there is not just one "answer." Maybe there are many keys to open the various "locks" and solve the complex question that is life?This is the Canon EOS, of course. I am shopping around now and just can't wait to take pics in Paris and Beaune and elsewhere in France with the Big Camera!


  1. You gave your nieces a perfect answer! I may just give my son a key before he leaves shortly again and you are going to love your Canon EOS. I still have lots to learn on it but it sure does lots of the work and helps me out time and time again until I do. Just debating whether to lug it to Paris but think I might. Much love XO
    Great post Andrea.

  2. Wonderful advice--should belong in everyone's "to do list". I am certainly going to put it in mine.

  3. Lovely keys and a perfect metaphor. Your mesasage is a good one.

    Currently 5 pounds overweight. Hmmm.