Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fine Morocco Leather

On Sunday, a regular client came by with a basket she has had for 5+ years. She uses this for general tote, but mostly for carrying painting supplies, hence many touches of paint on the leather. She loves this basket (and so do I!) though it's a little chewed and heavily used.

This is the same palm I stock, it's a darker and slightly more rustic palm than you normally see, but it's Palm all the same. This one has a single rivet on each handle; a quality rivet, not steel, and thankfully not rusted. In a basket without leather trim, the top corners will crack and dry first~ after 10 or more years; this is the reason the best baskets are trimmed as they are; not a bad investment for a basket that will last 10+ years!
the weave is very regular, and as she and I discussed, the thread is like a waxed linen, that will not budge; similar to dental floss. I love the patina of her basket; it cost her about $48 five years ago:

Morocco is well-known for its leather; "Morocco Leather" books are made of a pigskin; here the popular Moroccan poufs $375:

here are some slippers that I can order for you. They are not cheap (~$50 wholesale), but they are buttery-soft lambskin and can be ordered in any color combination. You will find cheaper versions in the souks. I want them in neutral tones; too bad at 5'9" I have size 10 feet and can't fit any of the samples; these look best on little feet:
Think of fine aged leather; isn't it fantastic? Imagine sitting on these vintage French club chairs, on 1st Dibs Here.
or these, also Here on 1st Dibs:
the leather I use on the baskets is either brown lambskin or else natural like this, which will oxidize over time to a fine cognac color, just like the club chairs or Vuitton leather:
Note no rivets; they will often rust and these handles will never budge; never ever had a one come back, after thousands of baskets sold.

And among my classic Aix-style baskets, they will age to look like this, this vintage one from my collection with a nice 4-rivet design which I think is 10+ years old, not rusted though we are close to the beach:
the basket is not trimmed in leather, which would be preferable as it makes the basket last longer, but I use it to store & tote linens; I buy vintage French baskets when I can, but they are rare to find as people hold on to their baskets.
I do not order any baskets with anything other than leather-handles; sisal looks pretty and natural, but sisal handles hurt your hand if the basket is full; it wears well on the floor only! Though this is a vintage sisal-handled basket, and the one I use for gathering flowers & greens for holiday and parties; it opens flat like a disc and envelopes flowers without crushing them; I may special order a copy later in the fall:
Meanwhile, I will continue to stock the classics:
also the zip-tops, already aged-looking in lambskin:
I love to do custom orders; email me if you want anything you do not see, or if you are in desperate need of any products in Moroccan leather!


  1. This is great information, Andrea! It really shows how wonderful your baskets are!

  2. I have carried my small basket as a purse every single day this summer. I am hard on purses but your beautiful basket has held up wonderfully. The handles are of course the perfet leather.

  3. Oh my! I am so glad to stumble across your blog, wonderful baskets etc!!! I will explore further, in the meantime, am your newest follower...would love to chat sometime about all that you do...pls visit me at Chic Provence!! I am also in California, lived in Provence and my heart is still there, I get back often..

    a bientot!