Monday, August 30, 2010

French Prep

Aren't logistics a fun challenge? We are all involved in the how to get who & what where & when in the most efficient manner. I am preparing for packing to and from Beaune, and how to pack the most stuff in the smallest space. I once bought a chandelier in Beaune from a closing antique store, found a box on the streets of Paris (garment district), wrapped the pampilles in newspaper and the fixture made it home on the plane intact; I am reminded when I look at it, in the dining room:
The limit of my trans-continental logistics was a pair of really crusty WWII-era inert grenades purchased in Sainte Mere Eglise, Normandy, last summer; I packed them in my nephew's check-on duffel. When the guys with the Bomb Squad shirts called him to the podium at Miami International I knew we were in trouble; they must be on the desk of the local Chief now.... I tried and tried to maneuver my way out of that one; clearly they wanted some WWII memorabilia. Crap. I was going to give mine to my Pop for Christmas....they were cored and hollow btw not like there:
R gave me his list today of what I need to bring over; coffee; the camera did well here:

Yes, they DO sell coffee in France, but it is very dear,and R likes the espresso he is used to. Petrol, coffee, books and spices come to mind as things that are precious in France; the price of petrol elevates all distribution costs. R adds to the list: chili oil from the Chinese market, toothbrushes (yes, they sell those in France too), and Scotch-Brite pads:
I am ok with all of that, but I drew the line at Oven Cleaner. No!

We are discussing our list of where we want to go touring & tasting; contact in advance for the best places. Definitely Domaine Gros, Frere et Soeur and also Michel Gros. It's sometimes confusing....but this family is the BEST:

Dennis and Corino designated this the best red last year, and they marked up the bottles to remind me:
....I am testing the camera daily before the trip. More trip prep soon....


  1. The chandelier looks beautiful. I passed up the coolest chandelier when I was at the Paris flea market. I will always remember time I will be informed about getting things home. You should have seen us searching the city looking for bubble wrap and tape to get a big mirror home. It did arrive in one piece.
    When do you leave?

  2. Ah yes, petrol. I am always happy to pay the $2.70 a gallon because I know the Europeans pay way more than litre.