Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Bougies Parfumées

France celebrates the scented candle or bougie parfumee.  Doesn’t it create a magnificent atmosphere?  The French and their candles deserves several posts, but let’s get to the bottom line: who does not love the scent of a perfumed candle, as hostess or as a gift idea? I gift them each year with a bottle of wine in a basket at Christmas for my sister’s corporate gifts. 

My favorite candles come from Mis en Demeure in Paris, though I also love Diptyque.  But who can get to France and pay $60 for a Diptyque candle? My favorite candle in the US, which also happens to sell at select LA farmers markets, is Robert Ford of Market Candle; order HERE

The candles are soy, long-burning, and high fragrance content.  Great alone, in the glass container, but for holiday I gift with a bow~


You saw them on my Thanksgiving table; the simple glass containers are wonderful; I have used them for years~


My favorites are Citrus Leaf and Casablanca Lilly burned at the same time, though I have to say I have tried many of them and they are all very true for fragrance; they come in a simple carton box that you can wrap, ribbon or dress up~


They are also $10.  Ten dollars!  For me in SoCal that means $12 delivered.   You have seen these in previous magazine shoots with me covered in leaves and bows, or salt & sugar for winter; they are so simple as they are but easy to dress up.

Hope you will enjoy for yourself or for gifts~ love Robert’s candles, they rival the best French candles in my opinion; tell him I sent you please though I have no commission arrangement with him….


  1. Thanks so much for the info~I love candles too! I will visit his site~ xo Rachel

  2. These would make wonderful gifts. I love a candle that really perfumes the air. Love the photos! Thanks for the link!


  3. Great photos for sure. I am going over to look for candles for one very picky daughter. Thanks for the info. blessings

  4. Yep, I'm a candle gal myself. I was out of the blogworld for a while, is that your Tday table? It's MARVELOUS. I'm going to have to get myself to that San Diego market one of these days for sure.

  5. Andrea,
    I love the simplicity...I will visit his site!
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Andrea, scented candles is an all time favorite of mine for holiday Gifts! I will order some of these from Robert!

    Art by Karena

  7. Andrea: Thank you for the prominent location on your sidebar! I couldn't talk the girls into gelato in the cool weather, but thank you for all the tips. Maille was closed when we trotted over. I'm getting Mary to pick some up for me. Good luck in the giveaway, even if you do live in Ca! Thanks again for the tips.

  8. Hi Andrea! How are you - was wondering if you ever received the "Irresistable French Objects Post" because I think it might have gotten stuck in your spam box...:}

  9. Hi Andrea just love candles, I just love all that you inspire :)
    See you soon with all you will be inspiring over the Christmas holidays.

  10. Oh, I can almost smell the wonder of those candles! Many thanks for your kind comments and prayers; they have helped, truly.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.