Monday, December 5, 2011


What is not to love about an appetizer that is warm, cheese-dusted, a little buttery and also French~


In Burgundy, at events such as Armistice Day, we have a parade followed by speeches and the like at the Town Hall. I do not know who makes the gougeres and sets out the wine, but the traditional combination is always there~


the wine is set out with precision, and color coordination~


Gougeres are often served in Burgundy at nice wine tastings or events; you can make them too, for holiday they are really tasty and cut the alcohol if you are serving. I guarantee your guests will love them, and they are not too filling.  Yes, you could eat the whole tray!!

Grate 1 cup Gruyere cheese~


crack four eggs and lightly beat them~


Prepare 1 cup sifted flour~


In a saucepan, melt 8 tablespoons butter and add 1 cup of water and two generous pinches of sea salt; bring just to a boil~ 


The only salt I use is from France and I buy it at our grocery for about $2.  Spoilt, yes, but please use good salt~


Remove from heat and add the 1 cup flour all at once to the butter and water and stir with vigor; I also add a tiny pinch of nutmeg; continue to mix off heat~


it will firm up like this~


turn off the heat and put the pan back on the burner and work the dough a little more, to dry it out~


Transfer the ball of dough to a mixer or bowl; here I use my enormous French copper bowl I got from Guy, but a mixmaster also works well~

IMG_9332Add the beaten eggs and half the cheese~IMG_9333

Mix well; it will be like a thick mayonnaise~


Pipe into rounds; bite size as here is best!


top with the rest of the cheese, you can tap down the tops a little though they will bake down on their own; this is a variation of the classic crème puff recipe, but made with cheese and not filled~


Bake at 400, until browned.  Delish~


Serve hot from the oven if possible; or wrap in a towel to keep warm; these are light and airy and sure to please~



More holiday recettes to follow…..


  1. I saw the photo on my dashboard reading list and just had to come by and see how these were made. The look delicious!!! My mouth is watering right now :)

  2. I have to say I have been stalking your blog for awhile now and it is just beautiful! I love the pictures you include with each recipe. I am a visual person and need to see something done and how it looks during the process. These look oh so yummy! I am definitely going to save this for the holiday season! thank you so much for all the time you put into your posts!

  3. Now these don't look too complicated - okay the piping part but I might be able to manage. I am being completely serious when I say I feel I would eat the entire tray. They look delicious and right up my alley. You had me at Gruyere.

  4. Hot from the oven I could eat the entire plate. I hope your birthday was beautiful.I sent you a message on FB. :)

  5. Oh Andrea how delish!! This reminds me I used to make a crab puff appetizer and I like your recipe for the puffs better than mine!

    It was so good to visit last night!

    Art by Karena

  6. Oh and a belated Happy Birthday Andrea!! A package is on its way dear friend!!

    Art by Karena

  7. Love that copper bowl. I'll try to make this recipe (without the beautiful copper bowl) this weekend. Bisous