Thursday, June 28, 2012

Details, Details…

I was in the midst of painting out the ceiling of the little back room when I started to think of how to finish it.  Nothing too dark, something on hand….something to help the room…I found this long panel of silk, from ABC NY, which I used in my various New York apartments draped over a tension rod.  I think I saw a pink and cream stripe of this fabric in a magazine, but when I got to ABC I loved the yellow more than the pink.  I have another swatch of the pink somewhere, but I LOVE this yellow! Even today~


Just for a reminder, this is how the room used to look~


I removed the 1970 curtain rod; I will switch out for French hardware later this summer, but this does the trick for now…a long line….~


Pretty with the bed~


and the chair~


Closeup of the hardware, which was $20 for everything at home depot; ok until I swap it out~


Pretty pretty!!!  My Dad says maybe he wants to stay in the room now, I said, maybe I will!


the bed itself is a nice piece in the room.  It is special to me as it is the first “real” piece of furniture I bought, at ABC NYC in 1988.  The details are perfect and there is no damage to it.  But it’s been long sitting in the basement and garage.   I much prefer to see it used here as our guest bed.


My antique dealer friend Leah keeps telling me to paint it out white, but I can’t bring myself to do that! What do you think?  White, or brown?  Before Laura or any guests arrive the bed will be dressed up~


The hutch has a little storage space; how about a basket there?~




Then I went at the door; tape it up and paint it~


that’s better~


Linen sheets wear in the center, but save the rest for reuse~


measured the top, sewn….


Pinned the bottom; wished Laura was here to help me but I got it done fine!


the finished product was miles better than what was there~


Entering the room, it looks…pretty and fresh…I need to have Raoul come and put in a new wood threshold, that’s next…..


The girls and I debated the placement of the nightstand; we first put it on the right, then the left, then on the right. with a marble lamp from the NY flea; the mirror will go elsewhere, and I put the magazines below, for a little nighttime reading~


With a few inspirational books; these are for Laura to peruse as she will be my first guest!


All is now in a nice vintage basket from Beaune~


With hardwood floors, you want your feet to touch something soft when getting out of bed; I took a little Ikea sheepskin that I had bought for the dogs but that they love to tear up too much; a little softness; this could be large but it works for now~


And on the far wall, my nieces selected a Dutch cow painting of mine which has been propped up in the house.  It is very sweet and 18th or 19th C I can’t remember….


I love the little bit of gilt in the room to brighten it up~


I have a few finishing touches to add and will show you pics; but the room is definitely coming together, with things I have on hand so only $20 expenditure for this round~


  1. Hi! I really enjoy your blog! This is the first time I've commented but I really just had to! You have done such a gorgeous job painting and decorating the room and I love the natural wood for the bed, it makes such a beautiful statement... and the silk panel! I want one except I wouldn't know where to put it!

  2. I think you should keep the wood finish natural. Paint would cover up the beautiful craftsmanship of the headboard, the directionality of the wood grains. Some furniture is enhanced by painting, such as the cabinet you just did, but fine wood stands the test of time. White painted furniture will not always be in style. My two cents worth!

  3. PS The room is looking fabulous!

  4. I'm still swooning over that bed ~~ it is gorgeous. The room is looking great. Happy week-end..xo HHL

  5. A lovely room Andrea! I love the chair and the bed....
    Happy Summer!

  6. Andrea, This is such a light, breezy, french room! I love the yellow and white striped curtains too! Beautiful!

    1. I need to get those two crates to you asap! emailing later tonight as I am off to San Diego for an event now...

  7. Bonjour Andrea,
    The room looks lovely, the curtains are perfect. I think the bed is perfect just as it it... but then I am in love with natural wood with all the gorgeou carved marks shining through!
    Well done, you deserve a bonne week-end,

  8. Gorgeous Andrea, Laura will enjoy being your guest here for sure! Love the bed like it is, but have the same dilemma, also have carved French bed in our guest room, and every now and again think about painting it...then I see a pic like yours, and wonder how I can even consider it...thank you for sharing, love the little painting alot! Xo Colette

  9. I read your blog lots and lots, just don't comment much.. but it would be a sacrilege to paint that bed! Trust me. In years when the white fad is gone you will be so glad the beauty of the inlaid and carved wood will still be there. I love how it looks in the room. A statement piece. Letting the lighter colors play their tune meanwhile grounding the room with elegance. Not saying it wouldn't look nice all shined up and painted, but that piece has beautiful bones and gorgeous wood.. Can't wait to see what you decide. I love the curtains and the sweet details you pulled together. A perfect spot for a wonderful sleep.. xo marlis

  10. You mention having a booth, but I can't see where you tell us the location of your booth???

  11. I have a very similar bed and could NEVER bring myself to paint it. I do love the pretty white similar-style NEW beds, but the beautiful antique ones like yours and mine -- I say let their beauty shine! You did a great job on the room, and Laura certainly enjoyed being your first guest. I'm so glad you offered her such a lovely reprieve. She needed it!

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