Saturday, June 30, 2012


Stop. Breathe.  Catch your breath. I am going at a crazy pace lately and trying to get it all done.  And wanting to get ready for the Fourth of July in addition to several fantastic events.  Yesterday I went to an event for EcoLife Foundation, for which I was to style the two buffet tables.  It took me three HOURS to get there, and when I arrived the event was starting.  Gulp.  But I have to say, Bill Toone is amazing and I sure hope to help the Foundation out in the future.  Despite the traffic and stress, I tried to keep a smiling face.  The hostess was ill and did not attend, and her dear husband did the two tables not knowing I was coming to style them; it all worked out fine.  Our hostess is also growing fantastic sunflowers; this alone would make you smile after three hours sitting in traffic~

IMG_7545 - Copy

Arriving home last evening I made a late dinner for my parents and got ready for today; time to trot out the red white & blue~

IMG_7547 - Copy

My booth today~

IMG_7548 - Copy

The front table is draped in a newer bunting.  Looking at it here gave me a great idea….hmmm…..

IMG_7549 - Copy

After helping my former partner with her storage unit and making a crapload of sample food for my sis for her event next weekend (she loved it; I’m on), I got home at 7pm to get to a little work….my little mossy chair which was formerly the Romantic Homes burlap slipcover chair in the Give Freely shoot was ready for another makeover.  I have had lots of inquiries about mossy pieces, but this was really just for Earth Day.  And after three events, it was looking pretty shabby, so I started to deconstruct it.

IMG_7551 - Copy

First the top part~

IMG_7552 - Copy

Pry pry…..

IMG_7553 - Copy

then the horsehair seat; after several photo shoots it was time to remove the muslin, the moss & glue was a MESS!!~

IMG_7554 - Copy

Here she plain & simple~

IMG_7556 - Copy

BUT lucky chair, this week she gets a patriotic dress, of some sort….~

IMG_7557 - Copy

Get out the measure~

IMG_7561 - Copy

Hop to my trusty sewing machine (Mom’s)~

IMG_7558 - Copy

Get a little moral support from the Limoges Leopard, long one of my favorites~

IMG_7560 - Copy

and with a little pinning and sewing….


and then glueing~


…she starts to take shape, my pretty new Patriotic Chair!


She’s dressed up and ready to go to Market tomorrow morning.  Another post to follow tomorrow~



  1. Wow, I can not wait to see that chair!!! It looks fabulous!
    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  2. The chair is great. I'm always a fan of patriotic! Also, just had to say...we have four of those sewing machines in our family. You just can't beat 'em. They should have the same value as the Featherweight, in my opinion! :)

  3. Love the chair Andrea! Gosh I would have a difficult time at your booth choosing my fav basket, love them all!
    Looking forward to see your booth with the chair. Your endless energy amaze me!
    Love to you
    Colette xx

  4. Wonderful to see the baskets featured in your blog, too. I still love mine; and it has served me well. They look as wonderful as ever. Enjoy the Fourth!

    I'm so glad that some people got the baskets they ordered!! I ordered a basket on April 12 and when it didn't come, I emailed Andreia, who nicely wrote and told me it was on it's way from Morocco. I tried to give her time, after all we're talking about supporting the small businessman here.
    I gave her 6 weeks and when my emails went unanswered, I tried to get my money back from Paypal. They only investigate claims younger than 45 days old!!
    Apparently, Andreia knows this, because she never bother to answer any of my other emails!
    So, I'm done with small business. From now on, it's walmart or for me!!
    BUYER BEWARE!!! This chick's a fraud!

  6. Andrea, sorry to be remiss. I love your patriotic chair. and also noticed that your Mother seems to like birds. I took a little carved one to my Mother yesterday. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer at 82. Please keep us in your prayers!

    Art by Karena

    I ordered my basket and paid for it via PayPal on March 28th, and sent many
    messages, and finally when pay pal got involved, Andrea you said you would be sending me your display which you told pay pal was mint. You made yourself look good to paypal, and then I NEVER received it. Another message said that the baskets were on their way from Moracco. REALLY???? This followed many messages that you left unanswered as well. Both on your blog and your French Basketeer email.

    I can see my Bandol basket on your table. Funny how you have plenty to display at your markets, but you can't send the customers ones that they have already paid for.

    I too, am through with small business operations. You my dear have given them ALL a bad name. I agree with Cam and Helen, you are a fraud. NO MORE EXCUSES. Just send us what we paid for, or at least have the deceny to return our money. I would be SO ashamed Andrea, so ashamed.