Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Hutch

We have had this “thing” in our garage for I’m going to say 20 years.  Mom found it somewhere, probably at a consignment shop, and it went to UCLA with my baby sis’s apartment.  Moving her out of her apartment, my Dad fell over moving this piece and the doors broke off, not to mention Dad’s back was almost broken.  And so he hates this thing.  And it has no place in the house.  It came home and went straight to the garage.

IMG_6833 - Copy

It’s not great construction, but I love the floral/basket motif at top~

IMG_6837 - Copy

Reminds me of the Trianon; here is a pic I took last year with Laura.  Potential…..major inspiration…


I wanted to paint it French Blue.  That French Blue, you know, sort of grey, sort of blue, depending on the light.  I made a very casual choice by going to Ganahl Lumber with this pic on my iPad and checking out a ton of colors~


But first, I primed the whole piece out; I used Ben Moore primer; not as good as Kilz IMHO~

IMG_6839 - CopyIMG_6838 - Copy

I filled all the cracks and such~


And painted the floral motif out white~


then started to block in the color~


Soon I had this….


good match to the chip, but it seemed really….blue….


No matter, I got the nieces to come down and help me move it in….the doors didn’t work so I took it in through the window after removing the windows themselves; here she goes!!~


Gabrielle is happy here sitting on the bed after the girls got this great work done in a snap~


It was good in the new space, but the color is wrong, too blue~


the girls still thought is was ok~


We added a pair of vases from my bedroom; yes, draws your eye up and Mom said it makes her notice the pipes in the ceiling, but we liked it!


Rather than books or the like, I thought to store all my French linens here~


with silver plate trays and French prayer book the girls love, found in a chateau by a WWI soldier~


this is my very depleted personal collection; time to go buy more!


and make a little color adjustment; stay tuned!



  1. Well, that worked out nicely!

  2. I've seen that piece a million times and wished I could get my hands on it. :)

    You did exactly what I would have done. Great minds...

    What about a coat of minwax dark wax? It would make the details pop as it settled into the nooks and crannies and give it the darker look you are searching for.

    1. Laura, I thought of wax but ended up repainting it...you will see soon!! I thought of you and our visit to the Trianon as I did this piece!

  3. You did a fantastic job. I love the light tint of blue it has. Great work.