Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just Like France

It's a shame that my camera was out of gas today; I missed photos of my new merchandise as well as the adorable Twins with their matching Orange Cassis baskets. Please come back again!
But my favorite shopper of the day was this woman, who is visiting from Boston. She was recently in the South of France with her husband, who was giving a lecture in Cannes. She said that everywhere she went, the women had these tote bags; everywhere in every color, and they were exactly like my totes (since mine are all authentic!). She asked a few women where they got them, and they said "At the Market" (of course!). She said she especially noticed a lot of the fuchsia, exactly like she has in her hand here (the "It Bag" for the South of France, she says); also lots of yellow.
She didn't didn't buy any in France, no room, but she bought a series of them today, to take home.
I had to have a shot of her, so this is from my phone. She was pofessionally super-accomplished herself, and immaculately dressed, down to her jeweled sandals which you can not see here; especially with a basket in hand, she looked like she just arrived from Cannes...

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