Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pali today

We had a great day today in Palisades. I had a nice lady come and ask about an item, and when she left, my neighbor told me her name. High profile. Oops. I have a call in to her agent tonight. I'll give her consideration because she was really nice and the second time she came by she had a ready smile for me. We vendors keep track of who is "mean and nasty" and who is nice. Listen, if you are a celebrity or a normal shopper, please be civil; there is one celeb actress in Pali almost every week, and she walks by with her nose in the air like a real brat. We don't care about her. She is on the mean and nasty costs you nothing to be nice....

I got a cake last week for Maria, and my Mom coveted it, so this week I bought the same cake for my Mom. Chocolate souflee with fruit; found at Genou at the Pali market and also Studio City Farmers Market. Check out her chocolate cheesecake too; to die for, as my Mom says.

btw my new Morocco merch was a hit today; short handles with lined basket; long handles flat or round with unlined baskets. I took an informal shot on Mom's arm today when I delivered the cake. More photos this week.

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