Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tomato Time

It's that time again, time to plant the tomatoes.....last year I put in some boxwood and water (thank you Nick) and sort of formalized a potager; but because I am an amatuer and they are professionals and usually specialists, I buy my produce at the farmers markets I'm at rather than grow my own. Tomatoes are my exception; it thrills me to grow and pick my own tomatoes. I blanche, skin and freeze whatever doesn't get eaten or given away.
I had my nieces help me plant this year, and I have the usual mix; not a lot of heirlooms this year; they weren't my best performers last year. My favorite last year was the San Marzano.
Napoleon found something interesting at one end in the newly planted garden, in the photo; the basket photo is from last year.

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