Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guide to the Stars

My next door neighbor in the Palisades market is Ronny, who sells SconeAge granola (the BEST granola) at the market on weekends and does hair, massage, and conducts focus groups by day.
Ronny is very social and very quick, and I told him I need to be in the booth next to him because he tells me who is there, so I can blog about it. This week, he leaned over and pretended to show me his phone and said "that girl used to be on Baywatch." He was right of course. It was Alexandra Paul, known as "the smart one" or "the Tall one," a brunette, and one of two Baywatch babes in the entire run of the show that didn't have fake boobs. Sad commentary on the show, but good for her! She's a long-time vegetarian and green advocate.
I saw her at the market and she made me want to run home and work out for a few hours; incredibly toned, but small and not too buff; she is in fabulous shape for mid-40's, and was there at the market with her husband, who is a triathlon coach extraordinaire.
I didn't get a shot of either Ronny or Alexandra this weekend, but this is the granola I bought, since I stock up each week for a variety of people.

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