Monday, June 15, 2009

Tuning in to ETown

Every Sunday morning, I get on the road to wherever I am going around 6am....and I listen to 100.3FM The Sound LA on the radio. I listen to that station a lot; cool music. First they broadcast a show called ETown, which is recorded live in Boulder. It's about music, but they also inform on eco-issues, in a soft-way that would appeal to a broad range of groups. In the last few weeks I've listened to info about Nieman Ranch and non-containment livestock, Ray LaMontaigne (one of my favorite artists) and quite a few awesome folksy singers. You can find them online at; it's a nicely low-key education in awareness.
That is followed by the Mormon choir and the broadcast from Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It's up to something like the 4,000-something broadcast of the show, 80+ years. I don't mind missing church if I listen to that :) it's a nice broadcast, but they cut the biblical readings, it's "all about the music."
I copied their logo from the site, but this is all that shows up. Google it or check it out if you get a chance.

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