Wednesday, December 23, 2009

La Grenouille

Today there was a review of La Grenouille in the NYT. If I had to name my top 5 restaurants in the whole wide world, this one would be on the list. I have been there a few dozen times, most memorably with my Mom, before we saw Sarah Brightman at Radio City Music Hall. Henry Kravis was at the table next to us, though my Mom had no clue when I mentioned his name; it was another era, and at that time Henry was the King of NYC. Anyway, slide into the red banquette and read the menu by the shaded light fixture on your table, see the towering flowers above you, experience attentive but never too-much service, and taste the best darn classic French cooking you'll ever have, and you are in heaven....and be sure of course to order the chocolate or grand marnier souflee to finish...

I have a copy of Charles' book on floral arrangement and tonight I'll go take another look at it. Magnificent. Spectacular.

With the passing of just about every other truly classic French restaurant in New York (brasserie-food does not count!), it's wonderful to know that La Grenouille is still there. I will be in NYC end of next month; perhaps I'll make a res.

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