Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Romantic Holiday Shoot

Yesterday Romantic Homes Magazine came to our house to shoot for next year's holiday issue. While I always do up the house for Christmas, this year I did it a little bit extra, and I am proud of what I got done, especially since it was 100% "me"-- no help from Mom, no help from my dear Friends; it was a lot of nights up past midnight, especially the table sachets, and a lot of mornings up at 4am, like adding the birds nests. While there was some planning, and working with all the decorations we have collected, in the end there was the dash of sponteneity that made the scene unusual and fresh: the date cluster at the door, the ribbons on the table, the flowers were done quickly and casually, the scattering of vintage cards. This is what made it fun and fresh, to me.

I will have to wait and see what the Editor chooses for the layout, but I can tell you that their photos were 1,000x better than mine. But here are a few quick shots.

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  1. Oh I remember your home! The photos were so beautiful. Even on paper I could feel the love that lives within the walls.