Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chucky's Bride and other

A few days ago, no one had anything done for Christmas, and I've been working on it behind the scenes here for a few weeks so I felt a little ahead. Now all of the sudden, everyone else has their house decorated, and I feel behind, like I should have everything done. Well, it's actually been sort of a negotiation on some points, and some ongoing edits. For example, I thought my first pass of the toy basket was pretty cute, but then Leah came over and said Oh No, you can't use that dollie, she looks kinda scary, like Chucky's Bride or something. Well, I told her, many years ago, my Nana gave me and my sister these beautiful Madame Alexander dolls, a blonde one for my sister, and a brown haired one for me; I didn't think they ever looked scary! Anyone, out went my sister's dollie, and my brown haired doll will be in the cart, except Leah took the bridal veil off of her and put it on the teddy bear. I still have to get the rest of the Christmas stuff down and add the musical instruments etc to the cart. In other news, I bought these great fragments topped with coral from Oma for my birthday present ("to Me from Me"), and added in my Italian angel. I think she's a former Virgin Mary who lost her crown and gained some wings, but anyway she looks great in the dining room. I hate my camera for these kinds of shots; that flash- I can't figure out how to turn it off! The magazine's shots will be perfect; they are the pros. Last night I also started the table favors, and I'll try to finish them before the end of the week. Meanwhile I have a full day, including a board meeting this afternoon, do my Dad's billing for him as it's first of the month, get ready for a show tomorrow and go to downtown LA if I can today. Whew; gotta get going now....

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