Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa's Helper

I had van problems today that brought me back to the house mid-morning. Thankfully, I had my little helper at my feet all day long, as I got two trees and garland, brought them home and got into decorating the house up. Honey fits right in with our family, she loves Christmas as much as we do: chewing on greens, stealing my wide red ribbon and running through the house with 20 yards of it, chasing after the empty spools, burrowing in the are just a few shots. I got most of the big tree decorated today, while my Mom commented from the sofa, but that was OK. I want to do it just so this year. I got misc other decorations done today; I'm going to wait on The Magazine to show you all the details; I did find out that the Puppy Shower will be in the March issue so more on that in the next 8 weeks....

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