Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anne & Dan's Wedding

Is there any occasion more lovely, more joyful, more full of life than a wedding?

On June 6, Anne & Dan were married at the Chateau de Detilly in the Loire Valley, near the home of Anne's grandparents. Anne's mother is my dear friend Francoise and Francoise's father is the multi-lingual Bernard; we hosted a fantastic D-Day party for Bernard in Laguna once, filmed by today's Groom. Francoise and I have been friends for ages; Anne and Francoise and I lived in Paris at the same time and so we have good memories of that time too. But today was all about the Bride & Groom, here they are, Anne & Dan:

Anne & Dan are both graduates of USC, he in Film and she in Italian/Art History. Francoise & Bob's hosted a party at their home tonight, themed for Mad Men/60's, for those who did not make the French wedding. I pulled my gift together in the afternoon, after the market. When packaging a gift, I always wonder what Sande from A Gift Wrapped Life would do, and I always feel that I should do a little better; Sande sets the standard, my gifts are less finished than hers...
As I snapped this last photo in the wine store, on a pile of empty cigar boxes, a shopper fingered the basket and said how lovely it was; it was classic....she will come see me at CdM market.

In my basket I included the favorite Champagne of the Father of the Bride:
I am sorry that I took these pics in the wine store. If you are into champagne, see my earlier post on Larmandier Bernier HERE.
This bottle made Bob sooooo happy tonight. Champagne is always correct, especially if you know their favorite. I also included, in my little Saint Remy tote, a 19th C sterling silver highly-worked cheese knife; marked for the Lyon maker, in the original, worn leather box; this was a perfect gift as the family is VERY in to cheese; I hope the Bride will keep it, but her parents would also surely use it. The envelope held a card and also some green for the Bride and her Father, to go towards the set of Christofle silver they bought; no registery, just silver; love you Anne!
Here is the family, Bob & Francoise, their son Thomas, and Anne & Dan at far right; we love them all.....
Francoise and I met because we worked for a Family in New York; she is as salt of the earth as they get; here she is with Anne aka Mimi and Dan:
And because the theme was Mad Men/60's the lovely Patti & Paul dressed the part~you will never ever meet a more gracious couple....
the dining room was set up for dessert:
Pot de cremes:
fancy cupcakes.....yummy.....

the theme was vintage so they had lots of candies...too cute....
Congratulations to the happy couple!!!


  1. My best wishes to the beautiful bride and gorgeous groom!

    Your gift was perfect. I am taking notes!

    Question. I am currently packing and I always have theme's. This time it is navy, kelly green, coral and white with rich warm leather accessories, and a tote of yours of course. I wished once more that I had a true French blue and white striped t shirt. Like Pablo Picasso used to wear. Where would one find such a fashion delight?

  2. Truly a very happy couple and such a chic family. Your gift looked perfect in your beautiful & so appropriate basket. Champagne just makes the world a better place!

    Their party just seemed like incredible fun. Wishing the lovely couple a lifetime of love, passion and what else, cheese & champagne xx

    Cheers my dear ~

  3. What a beautiful couple. The party looked like a great time and your gift was lovely.
    I am your newest follower.