Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Today feels like the calm before the storm. Both orders from Morocco and Madagascar finished production on the same day and will basically arrive soon within a day of each other; hundreds of baskets will need to be unloaded, photographed, tagged and many of them shipped immediately. These orders are waaay past deadlines.

But before I go crazy, I am taking a virtual stroll through the gardens of the Villa Ephrussi on Cap Ferrat, with its amazing view of the bay at Villefranche:
The motor court has a sublime little pond and statue:

There are enormous clipped hedges to greet you; these hedges are a long time in the making~

the garden is actually a series of gardens, most with cool and inviting shaded pathways:
the succulent garden:
the entrance to the Japanese garden:
from the gardens you wind your way up to villa itself; the fountains are spectacular and go off every 20 minutes, set to classical music:
there are roses and manicured gardens close to the house; Madame used to have her staff in naval dress and pom-pom hats to fit the name of the house, which is Ile de France as in the ocean liner:
you wind back through the rest of the gardens, including the stone garden:
a wider view of the back of the villa and the central fountain again:
and when I finish the tour of the garden, I will go down to the port and spend an hour chatting with the fisherman there, who is trilingual. I will pick out some fish he caught that morning to have a lovely early dinner. Oh to be on the Riviera in the summer!
Hope you enjoyed the brief tour!

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  1. What a sweet tour ~ the photos are beautiful!

    Good luck with your unpacking and task at hand. It may be daunting but those are the receiving in REALLY appreciate your beautiful products.

    I'll be putting my market basket to good use tomorrow morning ~ can't wait to fill it up with fresh goodies!

    That would be minced garlic ;)