Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homestead Revival Giveaway

I'm a sucker for a great Chicken pic. This one is from one of my new blogging friends and blogroll reads, Amy from Homestead Revival. Amy is hosting a Giveaway of a French Basketeer basket of choice. The contest runs until tomorrow night, so be sure to hop on over to Amy's site to enter and have a little browse around her blog.

More than just a pretty picture, Amy's blog is all about getting back to our roots and encouraging traditional values. Her goals (my summary) are to encourage homemaking, encourage families to live closer to and become stewards of our land, and to leave a legacy and educate our children. That's a shortened version, but her blog is full of all kinds of great tips and advice. It's interesting to me because this was the way my Mom grew up; on a farm outside of Calgary, where they had no choice but to live close to the land and to fully embrace every aspect of homemaking. It's so interesting too to see someone else's blog and have your eyes opened to a new universe of blogs and ideas.

Amy & her husband are also all about good old fashioned work ethics. Her husband applied himself to build a new chicken coop: Bravo to Amy & Hubby for building this:
I'm sure "the girls" are very happy in such a lovely new house!

Thank you, Amy for hosting the giveaway and for introducing me to her blog and so many wonderful ideas!


  1. Hello Andrea ~ I'm thrilled to be introduced to Amy and her blog. I embrace her core values and applaud those who wish to instill wholesome, hardworking values in their children, &/or nieces & nephews. I look forward to following her along. I missed out on her great giveaway of one of your treasures. I'm afraid I'm typically a day late & a dollar short! Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with new acquaintances and sunny skies. xxoo (thank you as always for your always kind comments, they mean the world to me).

  2. Andrea, What a gracious write up on Homestead Revival™! Thank you for spreading the word. I can't wait to hear how all the gals are using your baskets in the near future!