Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advice from Elizabeth

I was very saddened today to hear the news of Elizabeth Edwards' passing. Nothing gets your priorities straight like words from a person whose days are short numbered, a dying woman with young children~
Whatever your political leanings, you have to wonder, why can't men keep their pencils in their pockets? Why do women prey on married or "famous" men? Yes, these are somewhat rhetorical questions. Yes, I know 'tis a complicated story. Yet I am floored by some of the haters on the internet following her death. People, this is not what this is all about.

"But I have found that
in the simple act of living with hope,
and in the daily effort
to have a positive impact in the world,
the days I do have
are made all the more meaningful
and precious.
And for that I am grateful."
~Elizabeth Edwards via Facebook 12/6/2010

There are other excerpts on the Internet; I think the key is "to have a positive impact on the world." There are other references to enjoying every moment of life, the daily life that we all go through. I think this is what she wanted more than any thing, to just do what she did last week for one more week. Gives you a new appreciation for the mundane, no?

This gives a definite perspective to my Christmas season.
Can we make another "Christmas to remember?"
Yes, I am sure we can!
Can we give some simple yet meaningful gifts to those we love,
to those we appreciate?
Can we gift as if this might be our last,
with care & thought & love,
within our means?
It is my wish that we could all open our hearts
and enjoy the true meaning of the season.
Oh, and can the holiday spirit and kindness please last all year?
Maybe that's a tall order~
not for some of us, you know who you are.....
last Sunday I assembled a series of gift baskets at the market~
and here you see some of the results...
this was a collaboration
with many wonderful farmers and purveyors.
You see them here holding
the baskets I made for their tables
with their produce & goods.
Did I mention we all had fun and joy doing this?
Ooooh; Salt Farm does popcorn with gourmet sea salt!
Everyone had something special to add.

Another basket, a simple one of "sauce" goodies
I forgot to get a clove of garlic in here;
this was $5 worth of produce in whatever basket you have~
Add in a Metis set of dishtowels for pretty~
and tie it all up in a bow~
and party and hug each other
like it's our last.
that's what we do in my family.
I can't wait to show you the prep
going into our Christmas party.

Thank you and God Bless you Elizabeth Edwards for your reminder
of our mortality and each precious day.


  1. A beautiful post and tribute to a beautiful lady. I'm so saddened by her passing.

  2. You want to hear something wild? Last night I couldn't sleep and the Lord put a heavy burden on my heart for Elizabeth Edwards. I didn't know this lady personally, but imagine my shock and surprise when I saw the news headlines this morning on the internet! The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways...

  3. I agree with everything you said. Also, I'm wondering if it would be too much of a hint to forward this to all the people who will be coming to our home for dinner this month, you know just to help them out with hostess gift suggestions? :) I like a "meaningful" gifts as well and sometimes drive myself crazy trying to make sure each gift I give is just so. I do not care for generic gift cards and sadly, this year, it's all my 24 year old has asked for. I'll be doing the meaningful with her stocking stuffers instead.

  4. God bless her family... even her wayward husband. He probably needs God's love and grace most for he has certainly acted ignoble. What a sad end for a positive and delightful woman. You are right, living a positive life trying to make this a better place to live is a choice. She made the right choice.

    As far as your baskets, sublime! Just a perfect and thoughtful gift!
    xo Yvonne

  5. I teared up when I heard the news because overall when I think of Elizabeth Edwards one word comes to mind: grace. She is my hero and more of us can take notes on such a well lived life.

  6. So very well written Andrea. I took was shaken by the news of Elizabeth's passing. I cried. I am over-whelmed by the impact that cancer has on all our lives in one form or the other. But what I've taken from her story is her bravery. Today on the news they spoke of the fact that here in America we don't prepare each other for death & we will of course all go through it. It is truly important as to how we leave this earth; so vital for those we leave behind who will be experiencing such grief.

    On a light note I LOVE your basket ideas. Your creativity continues to amaze me! Can't wait to see your party pics.

    Cheers xx

  7. I, too, was upset about Elizabeth Edwards' passing; and touched by her final thoughts. It is amazing how many people she has affected, and her message to us is certainly timely.

    As for your gifts, they are superb. I think the best one is the reminder to be kind and thoughtful all through the year, and not just at Christmas.

  8. I was very sad to hear about Elizabeth Edwards, she was a wonderful example to all of us to enjoy each moment. As I have lost several good friends in the last few years to cancer, I too have learned to enjoy the everyday like it's your last, don't put off telling your loved ones what they mean to you. Wonderful post and loving your gift ideas. My wish is that everyone keeps the kindness year round and not just at the holiday season. Much love to you! xxoo :)

  9. Andrea I think this news hit me so hard because I didn't want to believe it would ever happen, really.

    Your loving thougts and gifts are beautiful beyond.

    Art by Karena