Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Prep

I wait all year for Christmas, and I am not sure why I hesitated an extra few weeks this year, but today we got going, big time. Miss Biscuit wishes you a Merry Christmas~
This is her first Christmas, but she's settling in fine; she did her thing, "catch me catch me" with the ribbons; snooping around the tree. Mostly she likes to be right with her people and mostly right next to me~

Honey is having her second Christmas, the Grande Dame at 1.5 years old. Last year she ate through all of the light cords, but this year she is more mellow~
I got out in the garden today to gather the greens. We are lucky to be in a climate where winter is so bountiful; I had no troubles finding juniper, toyon and pine~
Everything is gathered into my vintage Moroccan basket which opens flat, like a disc; I adore this basket, despite its sisal handles; sisal handles have their place, and this is one of them; LOVE it and will have it copied~
Everything is fresh and plump after the rains~
We got the tree up today, and started the decorations, my favorites are egg shapes, bought on sale at Rogers~
Perhaps it's the organic shape, oh there is much to say about the egg form, but I love them on the tree~
and also the XL acorns~
lots of organic and natural~
The pups at our feet, the tree up, there is happiness in the house~
Honey was watching the rain all day; "no worries," she told us, "it frequently rains in Norfolk."
I got the tree up with a little help from Mom, the mantel was all me and from the garden;
In front of the fire, I put the giant clam, with kugels that were on the chandelier last year~
I had wanted to enter TartanScot's contest, but I didn't get it done til today. I was very happy with the results~

Last year I had greens as usual, but with a running ribbon, I think. This year it was shaggy and fresh; I debated a bow, but thought this was enough~

Our mantel is Georgian style and about 5.5ft tall. I have long debated if it is original or not; no matter if it is or not, it's fantastic in the large living room.
The painting is of the Loire. It's funny to see the house this year take shape for Christmas, after last year being so worried about every detail for Romantic Homes; this year there is less stress. It was a total thrill to see our home in the magazine; this year we feel a little more leisurely though it will be just as fun & interesting~


  1. Andrea, Your mantel and tree are so beautiful! What adorable puppies you have.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  2. Looks gorgeous Andrea. I think the pets love it too. XO

  3. She is just adorable! And your home is absolutely gorgeous!! :)Hugs~ Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  4. everything looks oh so pretty and your mantel is gorgeous Andrea! Love the pictures of the puppies, they are so cute they look like stuffed animals!

  5. The mantel is gorgeous and the dogs are adorable!! Miss Biscuit melts my heart!

    Glad to hear you are not washing away. We've had 5.52 inches since yesterday and believe it or not, no snow! But all is well... happy to have the moisture!

  6. Well the best decor by far are the sweet furry faces. I have a few large acorns on our tree too.

    The tutorials for the crafts are in red. Click on them and you will be led to the directions.

    Took Rudi over to the Litchfield Park farmers market yesterday which is right up the street from our house.It was an amazingly beautiful market on the grounds of the Wigwam resort. (google it). My arms were loaded down with baskets and I spoke with the market manager Patty who loved the baskets but said they were concentrating on food based merchants only at this time. But boy did she like the baskets. Will hit up the Glendale market on Wednesday and next week the Scottsdale market.

  7. Holiday perfection.
    And the dogs make the picture complete!!

  8. That mantel is BEAUTIFUL!

    And is Miss Biscuit part Border Terrier?

  9. Bruce, Honey is a Norfolk Terrier and Biscuit is Autralian lines of the Jack Russel Terrier; the Aussies bred all the craziness out of them and I think added in extra long eyelashes! She's a rough coated sweet little girl.

  10. Your puppies are adorable and your house looks gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you and your family! xxoo :)

  11. Your puppies are so cute! Your house looks fantastic.

  12. The house is decorated so well. Your pup is adorable, what kind of dog is she? My Thor sheds something awful, he is so old I don't care at this point of our lives. If ever I get another I love the look of you dog.Last night
    I had christmas caroling outside my door.
    Thank God I had the little packs of Eng, Toffee made up to hand out. Enjoy that cute pup.
    Merry Christmas

  13. The Pups Andrea look so involved in taking part in the decorating of Christmas They are so cute :)
    I think your home and decor deserved to be in this years Romantic Home Magazine as well.
    You can really feel your French influence in your design style.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful visit to my place, and thoughtful comment.

    Have a beautiful peaceful holiday.
    Un Joyeux Noel

  14. Your pups are so sweet, and I love your beautiful mantel. The shaggy greens look perfect to me.
    Have a wonderful Christmas :-)

  15. Aw Andrea, your pups!! and your home is stunning, every detail is festive and so warm and inviting!

    Have a lovely joyful Christmas my dear!



  16. What sweet little pups!
    They look like they have been good, Santa will surely stop!
    Happy Holidays,
    La Maison Fou

  17. Your home is beautiful and looks so inviting; however the stars are most definitely Honey & Miss Biscuit. They can come visit Aunt Deb anytime in Houston!! Those faces are fabulous.


  18. It's all so lovely, but that basket is to die for! Your pups are pretty darn sweet too. I love the greenery on the mantle. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines from Holiday Inn. Danny Reed goes to a shop to order flowers (orchids) and says they should be "loose, looking like they don't care." I've always thought that was the coolest way for flowers and greenery to look.