Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girls Party Corsage

I love the corsages which Laura Ingalls Gunn of Decor to Adore makes; here is one of my baskets with her corsage, for holiday. Be sure to visit Laura's Etsy shop HERE for wonderful Christmas merchandise...
This week we had a girls' party for Christmas, about 15 of us. I wanted to bring something special and Laura was my inspiration; could I adapt her corsages? Blame it on that ol' Pomegranate Martini....yum it was delish, and it set the tone for a totally fun party~
I made wrist corsages for everyone, assembled fast right before the party~

I used two bunches of $5 spray roses and greens from the garden, tied in the middle with florist tape; and topped with various Christmas figures from last year's gingerbread house~
a little tulle was pretty~
I brought a few salt& sugared pinecones, gathered from our walks~
this Santa and deer was one of my fav's; with a few Toyon berry clusters and sugared roses;
Everyone LOVED the corsages; women get crazy with flowers~

on their foreheads, on their necks, let's have a PARTY!
Betsy, so cute!
I love this shot though it's a little blurry with no flash; she is as adorable as this~
I loved the corsages so much, they are going on my Christmas eve table, in another version.
the girls wrapped the corsages around envelopes too~
and then we had a gift exchange and it got crazy, YAY!~


  1. You girls had a great party time!! I love those corsages!! I love this part of the holidays-getting together with our beloved friend and having a wonderful time! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Now that all looks like real fun! The corsages came out wonderfully; and wrist corsages are even better yet. Who would have thought of them? I have not seen one for years.

  3. I bet Laura is thrilled to have inspired you to such an extent. They turned out great and that get together looks like a blast!

  4. The flower corsages are gorgeous! You must have had some experience as a floral designer because you really do all this so well! I just about jumped out of my seat when I saw that red "candy cane" basket - looks just like Christmas!

  5. Looks like a fabulous party! You are so darn clever and creative ~ those corsages are beautiful.


  6. Oh so fun and so very pretty! Love the idea, the little figures were the perfect touch!

  7. Sounds like a fun the corsages too! Pomegranate Martini's are my fave drink! xxoo :)

  8. What a fun group and fresh flower corsages are always more preferred than unscented ribbon. Too lovely~ as always.