Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Angels

This little angel was sure adorable on Sunday, and her Mom asked me to take shots for the blog and the market newsletter, for which I am the photographer; "make them famous" she told me~
She was at the market with her brother, and despite the fact that I took a paparazza-style round of shots, these were the best that I could get; in every shot one or the other was looking away... La Petite was sure lovin' that candy cane, might have had something to do with it; they were dressed to Rancho Santa Fe perfection~
I am busy at night dusting pine cones, candles and twigs with sugars, salts and glass glitter to resemble a winter garden for Christmas eve. It would be so much easier to have the real stuff; be sure to check out this slide show of the snow in Paris overnight. 3 cm were predicted, 20cm fell. The government is in a tizzy that the weather service did not predict more accurately. It's so French.

Oh to be a child at Christmas time, especially when you are one with a cute dress, matching Ugg Boots & a candy cane!


  1. Adorable photos!!! ;) Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhousef 425*

  2. What a adorable little angels ~ I see you're loving that camera!

    Your previous post is so beautifully written and so very true!

    I was touched by your offer. You have a HUGE heart!!!


  3. Oh I wish that dress came in my size!

  4. What sweet little angels you found my friend! Thank you for sharing the most magical visions of this season!

  5. They are both adorable. When my children were little I never dressed them in white. It would have been a disaster waiting to happen!