Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Being the Boss

Someone said that owning your own business is the most overrated job ever. I don't totally agree with that statement, but it is a lot of work! I hate to pull a Linda Evangelista, but I prefer to have an adequately profitable day if I get up early on a weekend.

For La Jolla, I have to be there by 6am, which means leave around 4:45 and get up no later than 4am. This is why I stopped going to La Jolla, though for a table I have to be there by 8:30; I am overrun with work right now so while I love to be there I can not, for now... For Calabasas, be there by 7 so leave before 6, up before 5. This is why I love Corona del Mar, because I need to be there before 8am but it is 5 minutes from home. I am very organized and pack up the car or van the night before, but then there are always things to do in the morning, final preparations, walk Napoleon and get my one cup of coffee. I have my checklist and am a professional about this...

Today, for example, I got up at half past 4 to take care of everything: get dressed and ready to go, walk & feed the dog, finish last minute pricing and preparations, misc. things around the house. I was in Corona del Mar at 730 to set up, then I went to LA for a school event, got home at 7pm, dyed a bunch more net bags based on what I sold today. They look great!
Today in LA I sold a ton of net bags (mostly colored) and a few baskets; I was disappointed, but it was cool and windy, and that makes people think "scarves" not "beach". Mr. & Mrs. Stallone were there. After you get over the fact that she is very striking, and he is not as tall or big as you would expect, you could see that they were a beautiful family enjoying their day together. The only reason I knew he was there was when his kids were near my booth and got really excited when he arrived; "Daddy Daddy!" They were so excited and loud, I had to turn around. It's a pet peeve of mine, that people don't leave celebs alone in the markets and such. Puh-lease, let them be normal people and put the cell phone camera away. They were totally at ease today and I was so happy to see they could be like the rest of the families, just having a nice day together....the school the kids go to is really good, not pretentious. I say, hooray for all of them! Thank you, Alison, for such a nice event today.

Tomorrow I go to Brentwood farmers market. I will be up again at 430.
I am too tired tonight to find a good photo for this post, so here is a shot of Paris from my last trip. I'm sorry, I'm pooped today!

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