Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Time is Here

We are only a few days past Thanksgiving, but immediately everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. The florists in Corona del Mar market had the best pointsettias; see Hector's huge plant here; San Diego county seems to have the corner on the pointsettia growing-- there were few in Palisades. I bought a few little plants from the guy on the other side of me, who usually sells herbs. In Palisades today I met Jeanine, who embellishes wreaths each season with her team in the Della Robbia style; fabulous and nice inspiration for me as I am doing della Robbia for the stone arch. But my favorite photo of the weekend is from CdM, a user of my net bags who came on his bike with a stack of ten sets of lights on the back. Way to go!

My Mom accuses me of being too social; it was great today to see Ladan for a nice while, one of the dearest women I know. I saw Victoria the medium/psychic fresh from London; also met a new French contact and chatted with her for a long time; also ran into Catherine from Lavender Blue and met her husband. I met the owner of the adjacent gift shop and think we will do a custom order for her in the spring. Chat chat chat chat chat. Sell Sell Sell Sell. I'm not a chatterbug, but I love to see the dear people I have met at the markets. It makes the time fly! I have a handful of shows this week and a handful of private clients to meet. Meanwhile every day more decorating for the shoot.

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